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Information Technology (IT) Contract - Outside IR35

Curriculum Vitae:  Alan John Radley




Surname:             Radley                                                            Forenames:              Alan John


Address:              176 Quarmby Road                                        Tel (home):              01484 646867


                             HUDDERSFIELD, HD3 4FD                              Tel (mobile):              07368 123269






Organisation:                    The Christie NHS Foundation Trust              

Duration:                           Oct 2021-Sep 2022

Title:                                   Head of Digital Service Delivery (self-employed contractor)
Digital Services

Duties:                               Responsible for the management of 1st/2nd line IT support, EUC, Infrastructure and Applications teams (approx. 60 staff)


Organisation:                    University of Huddersfield                            

Duration:                           Jun 2020-Apr 2021

Title:                                   Head of Second Line IT Services
Computing & Library Services

Duties:                               Responsible for the management of desktop support and development teams, IT procurement function and software/hardware licensing


Organisation:                    University of Huddersfield                            

Duration:                           Jan 2018-Jun 2020

Title:                                   Information Security Manager
Computing & Library Services

Duties:                               Responsible for creating and executing an information security plan aimed at improving security around the universities IT assets


Organisation:                    University of Huddersfield                            

Duration:                           May 2010-Dec 2017

Title:                                   Deputy Director & Head of Computing Services
Computing & Library Services

Duties:                               Responsible for the strategic vision and development of all areas of IT including infrastructure, corporate applications, support, IT procurement and telecoms including management of 60 staff.


Organisation:                    University of Huddersfield                            

Duration:                           Sep 2009-Jun 2010

Title:                                   Head of Infrastructure & Learning Technologies – Computing Services

Duties:                               Responsible for the development and management of infrastructure and e-learning systems including the promotion of e-learning amongst academic staff.

Management of the infrastructure and e-learning teams.


Organisation:                    University of Huddersfield                            

Duration:                           Oct 2001-Sep 2009

Title:                                   Infrastructure Systems Development Manager – Computing Services

Duties:                               Responsible for the development of the major University systems and servers including SAN, desktop delivery, web, email, directory services, DNS, HTTP proxies, VMware, etc.

Management of staff comprising the systems development/3rd line support team.  Management of appropriate budgets, including large specialist projects in excess of £1m.


Organisation:                    University of Huddersfield                            

Duration:                           Jan 2000–Oct 2001

Title:                                   Senior Computing Officer
Computing Services                        

Duties:                               Third-line support and development of Windows and Novell based systems including leading the migration of Novell NetWare to Active Directory.  Development and support of Active Directory, standard desktop and Exchange servers.


Organisation:                    University of Huddersfield                            

Duration:                           Jun 1999-Jan 2000

Title:                                   Team Leader – Systems Support
School of Computing & Mathematics

Duties:                               Management of a team of technical staff.  Planning and scheduling of work and development of new systems appropriate to the needs of the School.

Organisation:                    Kirklees Metropolitan Council                     

Duration:                           Jun 1991–Jun 1999

Title:                                   IT Technical Officer
Department of Economic Development & Planning

Duties:                               Second line IT support.  Providing advice and assistance to staff.  From 1992, team leader responsible for 3 first line support staff.


Organisation:                    Kirklees Metropolitan Council       

Duration:                           Nov 1989-Jun 1991

Title:                                   Computer Operator
Central Personnel, Computer Services                        

Duties:                               Initially employed as a computer operator.  Progressed to programmer.


Organisation:                    Huddersfield Polytechnic               

Duration:                           Sep 1986–Nov 1989

Title:                                   Clerk – Computing & AV Services                                              

Duties:                               Ordering of computer equipment on behalf of the Organisation and processing associated invoices.









Higher education                             Grade                   Location                             Year

Masters in Business                         Distinction           University                          2009

Administration                                 (prize)                  of Huddersfield


Diploma in Management                 Pass                     University                          2007     

Studies                                             (prize)                  of Huddersfield  


BTEC HNC Computing                      Pass                      University                          1994

                                                                                      of Huddersfield  


Further education                            Grade                   Location                             Year

BTEC ONC Computing                          Distinction          Huddersfield                     1992

                                                                                      Technical College


Specialist training and certification                                          Location                             Year


Fundamentals of Project Management                                      On site course                   2016

                                                                                                     & exam


ITIL Service Operations                                                               On site course                   2015

                                                                                                     & exam


ITIL V3 foundation                                                                       On site course                   2014                                                                                                                         & exam


ILM certificate in coaching and mentoring                                On site course                   2014


Top Managers Programme                                                         Internal courses                2013-14


Middle Managers Programme                                                    Internal courses                2009                                  

Foundation in IT Service Management (ITILv2)                          On site course                   2002

                                                                                                     & exam


Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Gold                                Self study/exams               2001

Windows 2000                                               


Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer                                         Self study/exams               1999

Windows NT4                   


Certified Novell NetWare 5.1 Administrator                             Self study/exam                1999








Former member of UCISA Executive Committee

Former member of UCISA Infrastructure Committee

Former Director of YHMAN




With over thirty years’ experience in IT, including 25 years in a managerial capacity, I have a well-rounded knowledge of all areas of IT.  Some of my key skills are listed below.


  • Strategy, vision and planning: I take the lead for the strategic planning of IT, in particular setting out the vision for the development of IT systems and services in the University.  I was chosen for my current role as I am a creative innovative thinker who will push the boundaries of what can be achieved and have a keen eye for service development.


  • Building and maintaining relationships: I am a strong believer in forging solid relationships with colleagues and customers at work.  I an approachable, always receptive to new ideas, understand customer perspectives and will go out of my way to provide an excellent service. 


  • Staff management: I currently manage sixty members of staff and have managed staff in some capacity since 1992.  I believe I have an excellent track record of being able to motivate team members.  I attract respect from IT colleagues because I have worked in many areas of IT which has furnished me with the technical knowledge to work alongside and understand team members.


  • Managing large budgets and projects: I currently manage an annual £4million revenue budget and an IT strategic capital budget of £0.8m per annum.  I have experience in managing large single project budgets in excess of £1million. 


  • Technical experience: I have a very detailed technical background with a wealth of skills.  However, as I have been in a management role for some time these skills are becoming more difficult to maintain.  I have learned to use and trust the judgment of the technical people around me.




Mr K N Pilicudale                                                                                                    

Director of Digital Information                                                               

University of Huddersfield                                                        



HD1 3DH                                                                                                                               




I am a keen musician and have written many songs over the last few years which I have mixed, produced and released together with the band I am involved with.  I find this very enjoyable and rewarding as it allows me to be creative and provides a real sense of achievement, particularly when playing live.


I am a sociable person and enjoy spending time with my friends and work colleagues.


I love travelling - I am fortunate in that I have been able to travel to many countries around the world which has enabled me to appreciate the diversity of their culture, history and climate.