About TopCV

About TopCV

FREE CV Review from GoToJobBoard newest partner, TopCV - Helping professionals build personal brands.

Your CV is one of your most important career tools. But many professionals have no idea where to start, what to include, and what to leave off of their CVs. That’s where TopCV comes in. We can carefully craft your career story to target the job that you want to land.

Who are TopCV?

Growing up, CEO Jeff Berger knew the importance of a quality CV. This was thanks to his mother, who ran a CV-writing business out of their home. He saw an opportunity to help struggling job seekers on a larger scale, making it easier for people to get professional help with their CVs.

Jeff founded TopCV in 2014, and since then, our team has been dedicated to providing job seekers with quality career resources and CV-writing at an affordable price. Now, professionals like you have a place to take their career stories and create their brands, starting with a great CV.

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