About BSL Umbrella Limited

About BSL Umbrella Limited

GoToJobBoard is excited to introduce BSL Umbrella Limited as our preferred partner for all your Umbrella Company needs. If you are new to Contracting and looking for your first Umbrella Company or if you are a veteran Contractor with your own Limited Company, BSL have got you covered and they pride themselves on delivering a reliable, personable service to the Contractors they work with.

BSL has a wealth of experience in dealing with Contractors working for the NHS and it is for this reason that they are our preferred partner. They also have an amazing solution which will allow you continue working for the NHS in spite of all the IR35 legislative changes currently going on…

 Introducing REVOLVE - BSL Umbrella’s solution.

REVOLVE allows you to switch between your Limited Company and our Umbrella solution whenever you wish. No fuss, no lengthy processes or shutting down your Limited Company, just a simple switch whenever your contract needs it.

Why introduce this solution?
In a time filled with lots of legislative changes, it can be tough to know the right option for you. If the uncertainties surrounding IR35 in the public sector are concerning you, if you’re feeling pressure from your agency, or even if your end hirer states they no longer engage with PSCs, then REVOLVE is for you.

How does REVOLVE work?
If you’re in a public sector contract and caught within IR35, you can use BSL Umbrella and enjoy the benefits of the employment rights that come with it. Then if/ when you contract outside IR35 simply switch back to using your Limited Company. It’s that simple!

What are the steps?
From the moment you become a BSL client we either take care of your Limited Company, or set one up for you free of charge. Then when the time comes to consider using REVOLVE, your BSL Personal Accountant will be on hand to provide expert advice based on your own personal circumstances. They will discuss which option is best for you and your contract, either using BSL’s Umbrella or your own PSC.

Have the best of both worlds, and seamlessly jump between Umbrella and Limited as and when you need to.

How much does REVOLVE cost?
Whether you join us and only use our Limited Company services, or decide to use REVOLVE, our monthly service fee of £99 (Inc. VAT) stays exactly the same. So, you get the benefits of being able to use our Umbrella company, whilst keeping your Limited Company available. All this is offered under the watchful expert eye of your Personal Accountant.

What’s included in the monthly all-inclusive service?
With BSL Accounting you get everything you need to run your Limited Company smoothly from an accounting point of view. Our monthly all-inclusive service includes:

- Management and yearend accounts
- Calculation of company’s tax liability
- Quarterly VAT returns
- Monthly & annual payroll returns (2 people)
- A (personal) Self-Assessment Tax Return
- Dividend advice and paperwork
- Filing all HMRC and Companies House returns
- IR35 contract risk assessment
- Fee protection service

To learn more about how BSL can help you click here: http://www.bslumbrella.co.uk 

If you’re looking for the flexibility and freedom to choose how you contract, then REVOLVE is for you. Get in touch today on 0161 927 7489 to find out how it can personally suit you, your contracts and contracting success. Make your life richer, with BSL Umbrella.

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