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Unlike other job boards, GoTo Job Board covers the whole of the UK Healthcare sector. The whole of the UK Healthcare sector is in three distinct parts: -

Part 1

The UK has a government-sponsored universal healthcare system called the National Health Service (NHS). The NHS consists of a series of publicly funded healthcare systems in the UK. It includes the National Health Services (England), NHS Scotland, NHS Wales and Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland.

Part 2

Private health care in the UK offers customers access to an extensive range of private medical treatments and facilities to the cost of the patient. Unlike the NHS, private healthcare treatment isn't paid by the UK government, but it offers numerous associated benefits.

Part 3

The UK Care Sector is one of the fastest growing parts of the whole UK Healthcare sector and is represented mainly by the many thousands of care homes that exist in the UK

All of the above sectors, NHS, Private Healthcare and the Care Sector are in a state of constant recruitment. The NHS alone has over 21,000 jobs listed as of today.

Many healthcare jobs being advertised do not actually need any existing experience - for example:-

  1. Home care aide
  2. Medical assistant
  3. Medical biller
  4. Medical secretary
  5. Nursing assistant
  6. Occupational Therapy (OT) aide
  7. Psychiatric Aide

Many other healthcare jobs are happy to employ people with the right skills but from another sector. The list below show the range of jobs available right now across all parts of the UK. So if you fit into anyone of these and are looking for your next job you've come to the right place - go ahead and register - you won't regret it...

Admin & Clerical jobs, Communications, Medical Secretaries, Legal Services, Library Services, Clinical Coding, Finance, IT & Digital, Project Management, Human Resources, PR & Communications, Procurement, Estates, Hotel Services, Catering, Drivers, Stores, Healthcare Assistants, Sales, Security, Nursing, Social Care, Doctor / Surgeon, Allied Health Professionals, Pharma

The vision at GoTo Job Board is that ultimately all UK healthcare jobs will be advertised here making it the only place you need to Go To to get that job in the NHS or the wider healthcare sector.

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