Our Current NHS Security Vacancies

Every day thousands of visitors, doctors, nurses, patients, and essential staff come and go from the NHS and other healthcare organisations and they need to feel safe and protected. Patients undergoing treatment are at their most vulnerable and depend on skilled security personnel to watch out for any danger and protect online internal systems from corruption.

Although there is an element of watching out for any intruders or any people who shouldn’t be in the building, security jobs in the NHS / Healthcare involve so much more. As an information security programmer, you’ll be responsible for ensuring the systems are secure and no cyber threats are breached. If you don’t have a good understanding of information security sectors or anti-virus solutions then you could enjoy a security control room operator role. This involves the operation and surveillance of CCTV equipment and the support of other external security personnel. As a security attendant, you’ll be a uniformed presence providing a service in crime prevention, conflict management and resolution.

NHS security roles can be physically demanding and are often shift based so a commitment to the role is valued more than formal qualifications. Security roles offer variety because no day will ever be the same and working in such a large organisation means you’ll have the opportunity to move around local NHS trusts.

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