Our Current NHS Library Services Vacancies

A Librarian is responsible for knowing where vital information or a specific report may be at a moment’s notice. Library staff in the NHS are equipped with the combined knowledge and logs of the healthcare service and are crucial to the ongoing preservation of these materials.

Librarians manage their library and use information from the vast sources available to them for many purposes. Organisation and communication skills are highly valued, as the ever-increasing knowledge database needs to be kept in check and presented clearly when required. The primary use of the information in the NHS libraries is to support medical staff. Whether helping to educate on a specialist area, assist with general training or having a report or study available on demand.

Due to the importance of their work, Librarians within a healthcare facility need to be a chartered member with the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals or have a relevant University degree. As the technology and methods of the NHS expand, so does the need for professionals in Librarian, Library Assistant and Knowledge Management roles.

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