NHS Jobs in Essex

Falling just to the north-east of London, Essex has a population edging towards two million and contains a selection of hospitals, surgeries and other NHS facilities which are manned 24/7. While there are numerous hospitals throughout the county - Broomfield Hospital being the largest - the NHS reaches the entire county thanks to its committed, skilled staff.

On top of the vital work done by doctors and medical professionals, it’s safe to say that the NHS could not be the same without its supporting, non-medical staff. The array of essential jobs within the NHS also includes the disciplines of admin, management, legal, finance and the library service. Each of these areas enables the NHS to respond effectively to the needs of its patients and its medical staff. The day to day running of a hospital relies on the work of medical secretaries, clinical coders and IT departments, even if they don’t directly deal with patients or their loved ones.

The environment and nature of work at the NHS makes it an engaging, challenging place to work and finding careers there should not be difficult. Our aim at GoToJobBoard is to provide the people looking for work within the NHS with a source of industry news and jobs, as well as an active community. If you are looking for an NHS career in Essex, you’ve come to the right place.

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