NHS Jobs in Cheshire

Home to some of the most affluent areas in the country, Cheshire boasts a number of surgeries, treatment centres and NHS hospitals. The NHS foundation trust are a major employer in the area providing jobs for Cheshire’s 331,000 inhabitants. NHS establishments such as the Warrington Hospital will continue to need staff in a variety of disciplines to support the increase in the population’s ageing profile.

The number of state of the art NHS facilities requires a variety of talented people to fulfil both the medical and Non-Medical Non-Clinical roles. Although there will always be a demand for those who are medically trained, over 50% of the 1.7 million NHS staff are needed for the Non-Medical Non-Clinical roles. Essential to the running of these medical institutions are those with administrative experience, financial competencies, or those who have the skills in clinical coding. These positions are not limited to the hospital floor itself as PR, HR, marketing assistants and even estate managers and security guards are vital to the smooth running of NHS establishments.

The NHS is such a large organisation but every person is truly indispensable. GoToJobBoard understand that it is the Non-Medical Non-Clinical workers who provide the essential support needed in the NHS. Work in these roles is incredibly rewarding and can make an unbelievable difference, which is why we strive to place you in a supporting role in Cheshire and the wider NHS.

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