Our Current NHS IT Vacancies

Reliable IT is just as important for the NHS / Healthcare industry like the medical equipment they regularly use. Patient data, key organisational tools and more rely on effective networks and consistent uptime. The skills of an IT professional can make a difference in the range of healthcare facilities and the people within them.

The required attributes of an IT professional vary depending on their exact role, but problem-solving skills and detailed knowledge of operating systems, software and hardware are essential. An ICT support position will involve assisting people with their equipment and dealing directly with employees to fix and improve issues. Infrastructure-focused roles will revolve more around the securing of networks and improving the user experience.

Effective IT is essential in the world today and there is a broad range of possibilities for IT work within the NHS. Monitoring and safeguarding systems and patient data are vital, while equipment and networks need to be reliable for medical workers to reach their expected performance levels. While some healthcare knowledge may be required if employed directly by the NHS, most positions don’t need in-depth knowledge. An IT job in the NHS is about more than ensuring the optimum performance of technology. It can have a positive impact on the health and well-being of real people.

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