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Every individual who comes into health care has their own story. A Clinical Coder logs the data of patients’ visits and ensures a clear picture is available to any staff who are involved in their treatment. By preventing any crucial patient information slipping through, clinical coders protect both patients and medical staff.

A Clinical Coder takes the details of a patient, their diagnosis and each step of their NHS visit, and converts it into data and code. Taking the treatments and experience of a patient and compiling an accurate record preserves the information for easy access in the future. As well as convenience, this also provides an element of security, ensuring that each patient’s condition is accurately logged.

Investigating and recording all aspects of a patient’s journey from start to finish can lead to internal improvements as well as better patient experiences. It can be the difference between missing details and exemplary care. Clinical Coders must liaise with other medical staff to confirm that patient data is correct. As technology moves forward in treatment and data capture alike, they are also expected to innovate and pitch ideas as to how the recording and storage of patient information can be bettered.

You can check all of our latest Clinical Coding vacancies below and apply for a job today. Good luck with your job search!

Clinical Coder

Posted: 26/02/2019

Location: Cheadle

Salary: £25000 Per Annum

Clinical Coder I am currently looking to recruit an experienced Clinical Coder for the IT Team working for one of the biggest Private Hospital Organisations in the UK. The role will be based at...


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