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Technical Project Manager

Manchester (Manchester)
£ Dependent upon experience
Job Requirements/Description

We are looking for a Technical Project Manager to support an Acute Trust in Greater Manchester.  

This role will be primarily remote, however will you will need to attend site during the first week and for meetings when required. 

Supporting a fast paced project to transform North Manchester General Hospital, the project broadly falls into 4 interrelated workstreams. All involve working with a mix of BAU, supplier and project resources. Using a mix of traditional and agile methodologies to ensure the rapid pace of the project.

End User Compute (EUC)

  Convert NMGH from PCs and Terminals supplied under an SLA to MFT Managed devices and services. (circa 2500 devices)

 Transform the Ricoh printing solution deployed to an MFT printing solution

 Ensure all medical devices continue to operate for services with the new EUC environment.


  Implement new High speed low latency WAN Links to NMGH

 Re – Configure the NMGH LAN and transfer management from SLA supplier to MFT

 Ensure Active Directory /DNS/ DHCP etc are all under MFT control for NMGH

IT Managed Applications

  Complete the move of NMGH staff onto the MFT 365 tenancy

 Ensure Single Sign On is swapped to MFT

 Migrate shared drives and home drives

 Service Support

 Manage the transfer from SLA to MFT service desk

 Ensure all contracts and licenses are transferred to MFT

 Ensure site conforms to MFT security expectations

Start asap for 3 months initially

Essential skills/Experience
NHS Technical Project Manager - MUST have previous NHS experience

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