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NHS - BI Product Specialist

Job Requirements/Description

We are looking for a Product Specialist to join the BI Team at an Acute Trust in Greater Manchester.

Supporting the Agile (SCRUM) approach, you will have experience of gathering requirements for data warehouse/data engineering type projects.

Key responsibilities and experience required;

  • Agile expertise
  • Some experience of data warehouse/data engineering projects
  • Gather requirements
  • Ability to create user stories in the agile format
  • Break down user stories into tasks with help from the team
  • Create and maintain a roadmap, that aligns with the product managers roadmap
  • Keep a holistic view and take steer from Product Manager
  • Be available for the team to answer any questions
  • Prioritise work and keep the backlog tidy and ready for the upcoming sprint
  • Provide kick off meetings with the team outlining the vision of the project
  • Communicate with other teams ensuring everyone is aware of what is in progress, issues etc
  • Ensure we are building in an iterative approach and keeping in mind how to improve 
  • Ensure the team is working on the correct items at the correct time
  • Working with Scrum master
  • Making decisions with steer from the product manger
  • Liaising with customers
  • Managing scope creep
  • Evaluating progress of items/sprints
  • Helping to release items
  • Helping to design the acquisition and visualisation of data ensure we satisfy business needs and long term goal

?This role will be remote for 3 months initiallly. Must have access to own laptop to access trust systems via Citrix.

Essential skills/Experience
Agile Must have NHS experience

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