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Become a Foster Parent and help children to feel safe, valued and confident. If you are looking for a more rewarding career and would like to help change children's lives for the better, then we would like to talk to you. By the Bridge is a therapeutic Fostering agency with a strong reputation with our Local Authorities as well as OFSTED. We are looking for committed Foster Parents to look after children from our local communities; to give them a stable nurturing home and help them to build a better future. "I thought in my own small way I could make a positive difference to a child's life. To see the positive changes is so rewarding." Sarah, BtB Foster Parent We provide all the training that you need, including specialist Therapeutic parenting training; your own dedicated Supervising Social Worker; exclusive access to our 24/7 Out of Hours support team; as well as our 360° support structure of psychotherapists, Education experts (EAGALS) and child advocates. As a By the Bridge Foster Parent you will receive a competitive (often tax-free) income; an range of exclusive high street discounts; ongoing professional support; and all the benefits and flexibility of working from home. All you need to get started is: • A spare bedroom - for a child to call their own. • To be over 25 years old (we understand that some people have had more life experience than others so we take every enquiry on its own merits. So if you think you would make a good Foster Parent even if you are a bit younger please do still get in touch.) • Access to a vehicle (we know that not everyone drives or owns a car - and often public transport is fine - but sometimes you will need to have a friend or family member that can drive you and your children to your appointment or meeting.) • Time and commitment to properly support a child and help them to feel safe and happy in your home. Being part of a truly therapeutic Fostering agency like By the Bridge means you are part of a big supportive family, with the expertise and backup that you need to support your children to grow in confidence, stability and happiness. You are guaranteed 24/7 support from dedicated, experienced professionals, 365 days (and nights) a year. "By the Bridge is an exceptional organisation to work with. The training and support is second to none and it really feels like we are part of a big family. It's been the best decision we ever made." Katie & Tom, BtB Foster Parents. We are continuing to assess and approve Foster Parents throughout the pandemic so please do get in touch or apply today to find out more. "We encourage anyone who has been considering Fostering to get in touch and find out more." Alexis & Ron, BtB Foster Parents. We are By the Bridge. We are Therapeutic Fostering
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