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Senior Medical Advisor, Biodermatology


Job Requirements/Description
As Senior Medical Advisor, you will help drive evidence generation, provide medical input into marketing/sales strategy and medical support for operations for all LEO products, with particular emphasis on the Biologics portfolio; provide ABPI and IPHA Code related advice, review expertise and medical advice and guidance for the head office based scientific advisor. Responsibilities: * Respond to escalated Medical Information enquiries when requested. * Develop and maintain good working relationships with stakeholders (HCPs, Corporate partners… etc.) * Maintain up to date clinical knowledge in appropriate therapeutic areas, and provide appropriate strategic and operational input * Work with the cross-functional teams at global/regional/local level to help produce materials and activities * Oversee promotional activity approvals * Investigate and respond to complaints regarding LEO promotional activities, if required * Assistance to Sales and Marketing colleagues on relevant clinical issues, as required * Regularly review clinical articles relating to therapeutic area and attend update events e.g. scientific meetings, conferences/ symposia * Supervise the review, approval of funding and follow up of Investigator Initiated Study (IIS) proposals * Help create and maintain a strong compliance environment * Attend relevant conferences and scientific meetings to maintain and develop a network of contacts with specialists and customers * Dotted line management of head office based scientific advisor
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