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This position reports to the Manager of Digital Support and provides technical product support to our customers and staff to ensure they can effectively use Straumann and our manufacturers products to their full potential, this includes Intra oral scanning, CAD CAM, Laboratory Scanners, Milling Machines and 3D Printing Main Tasks and Responsibilities * Provide technical support to dentists and dental technicians via the telephone and via web-based communication tools * You are on the front line when it comes to solving technical issues for dental clinical staff and dental laboratory technicians. * Act as an intermediary between customers and remote second level support provided by Straumann and third party equipment manufacturers to solve more complex technical problems * Act as an intermediary between local customers and remote second level support provided by third party equipment manufacturer to solve more complex technical problems * Initiating and following up with customers & technical staff on related issues that arise with technical use and updates to the system software during installation and lifetime of the product. * To provide support with regards to installations of new hardware and software. * You follow and record all communication and changes with cases and problems of providers in our internal IT system. * You work closely with your colleagues to ensure that cases and issues are resolved within the correct time frames. * Develop and maintain an in-depth understanding of requirement of current clinical practice and products/technologies in key areas of digital dentistry * Have the capacity to assimilate expert product knowledge and the ability to transfer that knowledge to customers
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