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Administration Manager

North West
£18 per hour (inside IR35)
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We are looking for an Administration Manager to support a community project for a Greater Manchester Trust.

The project’s objective is to swap all Vodafone mobile and data SIM cards for O2 SIM cards by the end of July 2021.

This role will focus on the daily management of IT engineers and the project administration staff as they schedule SIM swap clinics across the Trust’s five boroughs.

Reporting to the O2 Project Manager, you will be expected to work with the engineers every day so that they can effectively host SIM swap clinics and ensure that data is recorded by the administration staff in Trust information asset systems and spreadsheets.

You should have demonstrable experience managing up to 10 members of staff combined with strong Microsoft Excel skills.Previous NHS experience is not required, however a technical or IT background is preferable for this role.

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