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Covid Vaccination Project Lead

North Wales
£335 per day
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One of our NHS Customers is looking for a Project Lead to support the Covid Vaccination Programme.

Reporting to the Assistant Area Director you will act as an advisor to the local project team, Cluster Leads and BCU Vaccination Programme Leads.

Primary responsibility will be to lead the modelling and planning for the Booster Vaccination Programme developing a modelling tool that will enable the team to understand the best way of delivering this programme as well as develop a tool to monitor overall programme delivery. The tool needs to be agile to monitor different scenarios as the programme moves forward. 

You will also support the inherent complexity of the vaccination programme by providing credible and professional direction & leadership on the strategic planning, development of services and service change & improvement. 

You will also be required to plan, support, facilitate and provide support, training and expert guidance across the project team in the use of analytical tools in order to create sustainability in the use of any developed models/tools.

Specific areas of focus:-

  • Provide expertise and guidance on modelling and planning the booster vaccination programme
  • Develop effective analytical tools to enable the team to monitor and adapt the programme so as to achieve an effective booster programme for the East area
  • Support implementation of systems and processes to effectively performance manage the booster vaccination programme 


  • Effective modelling tool to enable the team to understand the most effective way of delivering he booster programme
  • Effective monitoring tool to enable the team to report effectively and provide agility when scenarios need to be changed 
  • Effective reporting of performance, understanding of reasons for underperformance and mitigations in place to achieve performance within expected timescales
  • Effective governance in place within the local project team

This role is to start asap through to the end of September 2021 and is deemed Inside IR35.

Essential skills/Experience
NHS Project Management
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