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Leading Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organisation seeks an experienced Associate Chemist. About the role: Be a productive laboratory-based chemist. Complete routine tasks independently whilst seeking and receiving support from line manager and colleagues to solve more complex problems. Demonstrate appropriate application of knowledge of chemistry using chemical databases to support own laboratory work. Write up laboratory notebook to the required, high standards. Follow Health and Safety procedures at all times; demonstrating acceptable knowledge of, and compliance with, company policies. Protect the Intellectual Property and confidentiality of the company and that of external customers. Begin to understand the requirements of both internal and external customers including the importance of working to deadlines. Co-operate effectively with other colleagues through respectful, positive communication. Aware of the impact of own actions on the customer and colleagues. Demonstrate flexibility in adjusting work plans, working with self-motivation and enthusiasm. Duties may include: Demonstrates an understanding of the Company's policies, procedures and legal obligations regarding Health, Safety and the Environment. Challenges anyone who is not following correct procedures in the laboratory. Able to set up, analyse and work up reactions following clear instructions. Understands a range of purification techniques. Will tackle more advanced laboratory techniques with mentoring. Demonstrates good understanding of the fundamentals of organic chemistry. Seeks support from manager to identify solutions to problems, utilising the available scientific databases. Monitors reactions and collects data on products using common analytical techniques. Interprets basic data correctly and seeks support with complex or unexpected results. Collects and stores data according to project requirements. Completes laboratory notebook in accordance with procedure or specific customer requirements; recording sufficient, accurate and clear information. Conducts all communication in a professional and positive manner. Provides updates to manager when requested. Attends meetings as required, contributes to the discussion and responds positively to feedback. Plans day/week and creates effective milestone plans with guidance from manager. Focuses on higher priority tasks as designated by manager. Communicates effectively if issues arise and shows flexibility when work plans/priorities change. Demonstrates an awareness of team goals and consistently aims to achieve these. Contributes to communal tasks. Protects Intellectual Property of the company and customer at all times. Works to priorities set by the customer, completes all admin according to their requirements. Shows enthusiasm for expanding skill set. Progresses all tasks with the appropriate sense of urgency. Willing to learn and assist with routine admin tasks. Skills and experience: BSc/MSc in chemistry with clear, demonstrable and relevant laboratory experience Have excellent team-working and communication skills Demonstrate an innovative approach to problem solving. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Ability to work to deadlines in a pro-active way. Ability to work as part of team, keeping the customer at the forefront of work at all times. High level of self-motivation
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