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Oxford, Oxfordshire

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Research Scientist – Human Primary Cells and Assay Development We have an exciting opportunity for an analytical and enthusiastic Research Scientist - Immunology to join our ‘ground-breaking’ client - a young and dynamic biopharmaceutical company which is working in close collaboration with a major international pharma company on several of its therapeutic small molecule programmes. As a lab-based scientist you will be responsible for developing and implementing robust cellular assays recapitulating key aspects of disease biology. Your enthusiasm and experience in immunology will enable you to play a key role in developing assays to be used in validation of new drug discovery targets as well as contributing to existing pipeline projects. To succeed you will be a graduate with several years relevant experience or possess a postgraduate degree in immunology or cell biology, ideally with hands-on knowledge in the isolation of key cell types including T cells and B cells. Knowledge of the applications of flow cytometry and ELISA will be required. You will have a proven track record of successful contribution to drug discovery in an industrial or academic environment, as well as being experienced in in vitro immunology assays including isolating, differentiating, culturing, and profiling primary immune cells. For more information, please contact Andy Cuthbert
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