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Test and Yield Engineer

£35,000 - £50,000 Per Annum
Job Requirements/Description
Working alongside the Principal Test and Design Engineer, you will be required to develop and perform effective O-TFT test protocols to measure parametric and stress test performance. This will include performing data extraction and analysis routines to enable quick and reliable feedback of device results. In addition, you will support the growing test requirements of the company through commissioning of new tools and supporting the already existing ones. Other key responsibilities include: * Route cause & failure analysis of O-TFT devices and support continuous improvement. * Write the wafer maps for the device testing to allow semi-auto testing procedures to be executed. * Prepare documentation that supports development of test methodology and test equipment operation. * Write technical SOP's and standardising the testing procedures and protocols. * Drive and arrange regular data reviews of DOEs by providing standardised reports, with the assistance of the materials and process team. * Assist with fabrication activities to support the delivery of O-TFT devices, for demonstrators, as required. * Carry-out optical and physical characterisation of the test structures to better understand failure modes and behaviour of the materials, and report these back to the team. * Support design activities and DOEs, requiring some competency using electronic design automation /EDA tools. Qualifications: The successful Test and Yield Engineer will hold a minimum of a Degree in Physical Science, Electronic Engineering, or similar discipline. Preference will be given to candidates who have achieved a Meng/MSc or PhD in a relevant subject. Experience: To succeed in this role, you will have experience working in a cleanroom, electronic test lab or Fab. You should have a proven track record in performing electrical testing on semicon / optoelectronic devices, including automated test equipment. Ideally you will have experience in fabrication processes involved in the manufacture of OTFT/MOSFET/CMOS devices, along with device testing. Additional Information: Candidates MUST be eligible to work and live in the UK. Copies of Visa and Passport will be requested. Skills: Reliability, Failure Analysis, Semiconductor, Physics, III-V, Process. To Apply Direct: Please send CV & Covering Letter to Iona Mulligan
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