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Care Supervisor


Job Requirements/Description
The Care Supervisor is expected to perform a variety of duties in the completion of service for clients. The Care Supervisor is expected to assist and support other staff members in order to provide the highest quality service to clients. * Develop and maintain positive relationships with clients through quality assurance (QA) visits, phone calls, cards and special events. * Complete service reviews with existing clients * Conduct follow up activities as necessary, reporting any serious issues to the Care Manager. * Conduct client/CAREGiver introductions. * Complete support visits and introductions for CAREGivers * Provide Care for Clients as and when necessary. * Maintain and Update Client records using the digital platform. * Complete and support auditing client and CAREGiver records through Home Instead Software. * Contribute to the recruitment of CAREGivers. * Participate in conducting and completion of client care consultations. * Participate in on call services as required. * Computer skills * Distribute leaflets and promote Home Instead as and when appropriate * Participate in team meetings. * Prepared to work towards Level 3: Health and Social Care * Follow GDPR procedures for all Home Instead Information, including client, CAREGiver & office data
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