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Therapeutic Practitioner


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Qualification requirements-Psychology Degree, or equivalent Reports to: Registered Manager/Clinical Team JOB DESCRIPTION Purpose and summary of job: To support and enhance the care of Young People within the service by assisting the Registered Manager, the care team and Clinical Psychologist , Mental health practitioner with the practical care and therapeutic support of the young people in our services. To thereby help understand, prevent and ameliorate psychological distress and disorder and improve the mental health and wellbeing of our young people. The therapeutic practitioner will be a member of the floor staff and be responsible for implementing and modelling strategies put in place by the clinical and care team. As a member of the team you will actively be involved in working within the STEP framework (Cambian Therapeutic Framework) , role modelling behavioural strategies and the recording of outcomes linked to each young person's package of care and support. Working Environment The Home provides 52 week therapeutic care, in a residential setting for up to five young people (female only) The setting is a sensory environment which helps to support children and young people back into the community. Main Duties and Responsibilities (in addition to the job role and responsibilities linked to a RCW job description) 1. Under the supervision of a qualified and suitably experienced professional works independently on a day-to-day basis according to a plan and objectives agreed and reviewed at intervals with the manager and within the overall framework of a young persons agreed care plan. 2. Be responsible for understanding young people's behaviour support plans and management strategies and maintaining a positive and proactive approach towards these. They will be responsible in ensuring staff know about these strategies and modelling their effective implementation. 3. To model and demonstrate appropriate pro social behaviours and problem-solving skills to the young people. 3. Under the supervision of the manager and Mental Health practitioner, help young people to implement self-help strategies and support the completion of key working linked to a young person's key working assessment. 3. Assists in the promotion a psychologically informed approach to the understanding and management of the problems and needs of all young people within the service area covered. 6. To provide appropriate feedback to the Registered Manager and Mental Health Practitioner to aid them in their report writing and in professional meetings. The Therapeutic Practitioner may be asked to attend and contributes to appropriate multi-disciplinary meetings. 7. Join young people and support staff in their daily routines. 8. Aid the Registered Homes Manager and Mental Health Practitioner in the development of appropriate coping skills resources for children. 9. Support the Registered Manager to ensure full implementation of the Quality Standards and supporting regulations at the service. 10. Provide day to day practical care to the young people 11. Take part in a range of activities with the young people 12. Ensure recordings are consistently maintained at a high standard. 13. Participates in personal development/appraisal reviews as required with the Mental Health Practitioner and Registered Manager. 14. Attends and contributes to Staff / Team Around the Child and handover Meetings. 15. Participate in any necessary training and development to keep up to date with the requirements of the job. 16. To be suitably confident to administer medication and understand the good practice elements of administering PRN medication. 17. Observes and works within the Cambian code of conduct, Cambian policies and procedures and terms and conditions of employment. 18. Undertakes specific administrative duties as required of an RCW / Therapeutic practitioner 19. It is a condition of employment that staff do not disclose any information obtained in the course of their duties other than to those entitled to receive it. The post holder must ensure that the confidentiality of personal data remains secure and the terms of the Data Protection Act and relevant policies are met in respect of information held on computerised/paper information systems. 20. Promote and ensure the good reputation of the home. To act as a positive role model, maintaining professionalism and demonstrating a positive attitude towards young people, their families' visitors and others. 21. To demonstrate non-discriminatory practice in all aspects of work. 22. Adhere to all Group policies and procedures, and protocols within the defined timescales. 22. Any other duty deemed reasonable by the Registered Manager
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