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We are hiring a female live in enabler for a female dog trainer to help keep her life running whilst she continues her work. The basis of this job is helping her to meet her day to day goals, so that she can live her life as she chooses, despite her disability. She is not looking for a carer, She is looking for a facilitator, a person who assists her to meet her goals, and keeps her life ticking over. She is looking for the qualities of reliability, trustworthiness and punctuality, with a sense of humour essential! This work includes everything involved in running a household, keeping a garden respectable etc. Clean drivers license essential, as driving her to events, camps, and workshops etc will be part of the duties.Vechile will be provided. Dogs (including training puppies), are an essential part of her household - there are times when you will need to be totally responsible for them, though you will be trained in exactly what to do, so please consider this before applying. There is no need for previous experience - just to be able to follow her instructions, and be able to work well on your own. There are three staff members in her team, of which at any time one is working and one is on call. Working shifts are normally 5 days in length. Salary £22,000 per annum - this includes your on call time; if you are asked to work more days than you have accumulated, then you are paid an extra £90 per day. Sometimes you may be asked to work when not on call - this is entirely voluntary and paid overtime at £120 per day. Please apply for immediate consideration. In response to the unprecedented events we are currently experiencing due to the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19, at this time we will be conducting our interviews via video calls. Gender is considered to be a genuine occupational requirement in accordance with paragraph 1 of Schedule 9 of the Equality Act 2010
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