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Laboratory Technician


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We are currently looking for a Laboratory Technician for a Pharmaceutical company in Berkshire. Laboratory Technician duties include: Organising & maintaining the chemical reagent & solvent stores. Ensure that the lab is maintained in a clean condition (facilities & glassware). Remove waste materials & dispose of materials as required. Maintain laboratory logs and conduct verification checks of balances, refrigerators & freezers. Dispense chemicals and materials as requested. Carry out basic laboratory operations as required Ensure compliance with the Health, Safety & Environmental standards, including standards of good housekeeping. Ideal candidates will: Have a degree in a Chemistry subject. Previous experience working as a Laboratory Technician either in a Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food or academic (School Technician) environment is desirable. The Laboratory Technician is open to recent graduates. To apply for the Lab Technician role pleased your CV to Peter at Rowland Talent Solutions. Key words: Lab Tech, Laboratory Technician, Chemistry, Chemist, Analytical Chemist
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