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Health Care Team Leader

£22,000 - £30,000 Per Annum
Job Requirements/Description
Team Leader Responsible To: Service Manager/Operations Director or other manager as designated by the company Short Description: The Team Leader is responsible for delivering Service User centred support; through the efficient operation of a number of Supported housing unit(s) and staff allocated to them in compliance with company processes and procedures. Specific Duties: The TL will be specifically responsible for: 1. Supporting the Manager in day to day operations of supported housing unit(s) 2. Maximisation of Service User interests by liaising with internal and external stakeholders 3. Development, maintenance and implementation of a person centred support plan for each Service User 4. Personal delivery of physical and mental support to Service Users 5. Monitoring and maintenance of safeguarding the rights and dignity of each Service User 6. Routine assessment and communication of Service User development to interested stakeholders 7. Effective control of Service User financials and house budgets 8. Fostering of a positive environment in which Service Users and staff actively engage 9. Establishing and ensuring regular conduct of open and transparent two-way communication with Service Users and staff 10. Maintaining the cleanliness, quality, security and safety of each home and individual service user accommodation 11. Provision of management and supervision to subordinate staff 12. Respond to emergencies and provide guidance and support to subordinate staff 13. Actively engaging in performance and discipline management to maximise staff performance and assure compliance with company procedures 14. Conducting of staff training needs analysis and the co-ordination and delivery of training to maximise staff competence 15. Developing and implementing of staff-rotas ensuring that appropriate staff cover is available to Service Users 16. Successfully achieving the individual objectives set by the company 17. Accomplishing self-audits and pro-actively engage in external compliance audits 18. Enhancing current operations through continuous improvement Generic Duties: In addition to specific responsibilities, the TL also be responsible for ensuring: 1. the maintenance of confidentiality of all information unless otherwise permitted by management 2. full compliance with company’s vision, values, policies and procedures 3. compliance with legislation and GSCC Code of Conduct as reflected in company procedures 4. undergo training and professional development as directed by the company 5. work in a manner that promotes team work and a collegial environment 6. active and positive promotion of the company’s image and brand 7. other duties that may be assigned by management Qualifications: The following qualification, skills and experience are required for this role: 1. Preference for RMN grade3/4 and NVQ Level 3 or equivalent in Health and Social Care with a minimum of two years experience of care-working within a supported living environment. And working towards QCF/NVQ Level 4 LMA. 2. Strong living skills that can be transferred to service users i.e. all daily living skills etc. 3. Competence in the use of Microsoft Office and Internet applications 4. Strong English spoken, listening and written communication skills 5. Full driving licence and use of own car for general business use and to support Service Users
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