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Candidate: What roles do you recruit for?

We recruit all disciplines covered under the Non-Medical/ Non Clinical framework which include:

Admin & Clerical, Senior Management, Medical Secretaries, Legal Services, Library Services, Clinical Coding, Finance, IT, Project Management, HR, PR & Communications, Procurement, Estates, Hotel Services, Catering, Drivers, Stores and Security.

So if you work in one of the disciplines mentioned above and are already working for the NHS or interested in working for the NHS then you NEED to register on this job board as we have the best selection of jobs for you.

Candidate: Do I need NHS experience to apply?

Not at all, we may only recruit for the NHS but professionals with business sector experience are increasingly sought after by NHS organisations. Yes, some positions will require previous NHS experience due to the nature of the position, but an ever increasing amount of opportunities do not.

Candidate: How long does it take me to create a profile?

It takes less than 5 minutes to fully register your details and upload a CV on our site. This has been proven by reviewing our web page analytics which shows the average amount of time users spend on registration pages as 2 minutes 43 seconds.

Candidate: How do I apply for a job?

Once you have created your profile it is time to start applying for jobs. You can do this by either clicking on the Recently Listed Positions box in the top right hand corner of the screen to see a list of the most recently added jobs; or alternatively you can use one of the two search functions. Basic search only requires a job title and a location to be entered to return all relevant results. Don’t be put off if no results are returned though; maybe try a different job title as some organisations use strange job titles for some roles. The other option is to use the Advanced Search tool which you can use by clicking on the link in the bottom left hand corner of the basic search box. This requires more detailed information to be input into the search boxes but brings back more relevant/ specific results.

Candidate: How can I check the status of my applications?

Once you have applied for a number of jobs using GoToJobBoard you can check the status of each application by clicking on the Applications section on the right hand side of the page when logged into your profile. This section shows a list of every application you have made, a link to the full job description and the status of each application which is update in real time.

Candidate: Is your site compatible with mobile device?

Absolutely, due to the increased popularity of mobile devices over the past few years GoToJobBoard has created this site specifically to be optimised for mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, etc. The only exception is that you cannot register a profile using a mobile device as you need to upload a CV to register and mobile devices are not capable of storing these types of documents. However, once you have created a profile using a laptop or desktop, you can then apply for jobs on a mobile device using our One Click Process. Once all your details are filled out in your profile you can then apply for a job and all your details are transferred into the relevant fields for you to approve and then you simply need to confirm and your application is submitted; it’s that easy.

Candidate: How do I keep up to date with the latest jobs/ news articles?

We send you regular emails with the latest jobs and news and informing you about anything happening on the site, we also promote all of these sections through our social media company pages so make sure you follow us. The best advice though if you want to keep up to date is just to keep checking the site, our content is constantly being updated; whether it is jobs or news you are interested in it is all here so take a couple of minutes a day to check our site and keep informed.

Recruiter: How do I register?

Registration is a quick and simple process which starts either by clicking the Recruiter icon in the top right hand corner of the home page or alternatively you can register by clicking on the Register link in the bottom left hand corner of the page under the Recruiter heading. When registering you will only need to provide the following details initially: organisation name, your name, organisation address, email address, telephone number and password.

Recruiter: How do I create a job advert?

Once you have created a profile you will notice just below the search bar there is an orange button titled "Add new advert". Clicking on this button brings up a template for you to complete with the details of the job you wish to advertise. Once you have filled in all the required fields simply change the status of the advert from "Draft" to "Published" at the bottom of the template and click the "Add Advert" button below, you will then be asked to confirm the posting and your advert will be immediately published on the site and ready to receive applications. If you select to publish your advert as a "Draft" then the advert will not be posted onto the front end of the site but will be saved against your profile for you to review, edit and publish at a later date.

Recruiter: Can I edit my advert once it is posted?

Yes, each advert is posted for a 14 day period; during this time you will be able to edit certain parts of the content of your advert. (Such as the summary, pay, etc.) However, when the 14 day period expires you are then able to edit the full contents and repost the advert for another 14 day period if necessary.

Recruiter: Do I need to provide payment details when I register?

No payment details will be required upon registration; you will only need to provide payment details when purchasing job credit bundles.

Recruiter: How do I check applications against my adverts?

This can be done one of two ways. When you log in to your account you can click on the orange "Applications" button displayed below the Blue search bar or alternatively you can go to the "Applications" section on the right hand side of the page when you are logged into your account. You will then be able to view all the adverts that you have published and see how many applications you have received against each. Click on the manage icon next to the requirement you wish to view and you will then be shown a list of all the applications received, view a summary of each applicant and their CV. You can then choose to either "Shortlist" or "Reject" the applicant to keep track of who is suitable for that requirement. When you "Shortlist" a Candidate they will receive an email from GoToJobBoard stating that they have been Shortlisted against that particular requirement for their own records and when you Reject a Candidate they will also receive an email from GoToJobBoard stating that on this occasion they have been unsuccessful but encouraging them to continue applying for other roles.

Recruiter: How long are my adverts posted for?

Every advert is posted for a period of 14 days, you can repost the advert after it has expired if you would like to receive more applications for another 14 day period but this will cost one more job credit.

Recruiter: How do I add users to my account?

GoToJobBoard has two access levels for Recruiters, Advanced and Basic. The individual who sets up the account will be given advanced access which allows them to edit client details, add contacts to their account and buy/ manage bundles. Basic access, which is assigned to all Recruiters added by the account creator, allows Recruiters to create adverts, review applications and update applications status.

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