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OnRec Awards 2017 – WIN

With all the recent transport issues (mainly due to Storm Doris) the trains have been experiencing I was a little bit worried as I walked towards Manchester Piccadilly station on Thursday 9th March. That being said, I was also incredibly excited as I was travelling down to London this time not for a meeting, seminar or a conference; I was heading to the OnRec Awards where GoToJobBoard had been nominated for 2 x Awards: Best Newcomer and the Best Offline Marketing Campaign.

For those of you out of the loop, OnRec is an organisation that supports and promotes organisations who work in the online recruitment space. This was an incredible opportunity to rub shoulders with some industry giants like Jobsite, CV Library, Total Jobs, Recruitics and many more. Not only this, but it also gave me an excuse to fetch my tuxedo out from the back of my wardrobe as it was a black tie event.

As I arrived in London and made my way to the prestigious Grange St Pauls Hotel in the heart of London I was a bit overwhelmed to see a gigantic pillar of lights running through the middle of the hotel lit up with a revolving OnRec logo. “You have made it now” I was saying to myself, “even if you don’t win anything”. The fact that we had been recognised and shortlisted for these two awards was an incredible achievement for us considering that we have only been up and running as a business for the last 2 and a half years.

After getting ready I made my way down to the reception area where I was greeted by a few familiar faces from previous conferences I have attended and we had a good chat over a glass of prosecco about what we had managed to achieve over the last year and why I was attending the event that evening. It soon became apparent that I was in a room full of very knowledgeable and influential industry experts.

As I entered the conference hall and sat at my table, I introduced myself to the others sat down and exchanged a few business cards, had some lovely food and before I knew what was going on it was time for the awards. Best Offline Marketing Campaign was the second award to be announced and so as I sat there with bated breath waiting to hear our name I found a proud smile came on my face as I heard “” mentioned as a shortlisted company for the award. As the envelope was opened I became aware that I was holding my breath and as our name was mentioned as the winner of the award I could not believe it. A big cheesy grin came onto my face and as I made my way up to the stage, still feeling a little shocked it grasped the award with both hands and marvelled at what it represented. I felt incredible proud that our hard work had been recognised and the applause from our industry peers felt incredible.

Congratulations to all the other winners, in particular AdView who took the Newcomer of the year Award, well we didn’t want to be greedy and take two awards did we? A massive thank you to our digital marketing agency, the EWord, for all their hard work on the campaign and to our own team for their continuing hard work, commitment and dedication. We also want to thank all the NHS Trusts that got involved last year in nominating people and of course the winners for all their support.  We fully intend on entering the awards again next year so keep an eye out and we have recorded a video bite as well documenting the win which you can watch below.


We are incredibly proud as a business and we are looking forward to see what else 2017 holds for GoToJobBoard…

Written by Mark Cherry, Operations Manager at

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