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Working in NHS Administration

Like most workplaces, the NHS simply couldn’t function without effective admin staff.

Such is their efficiency, it can be easy to take admin workers for granted. That’s something GoToJobBoard is working to change. It’s no coincidence that two of our six Unsung Hero award winners were nominated by their colleagues for the wonderful contribution they have made in administrative roles.

There’s no such thing as a ‘regular’ day in the NHS. That’s part of what makes it such a great place to work. For those wondering what an NHS admin job is like, here is the sort of thing you can expect.

Helping patients

Receptionists are frequently the first person a patient speaks to when booking appointments. From GP surgeries to hospitals, your friendly welcome could make all the difference to a patient, particularly if they are nervous about their visit.

Susan Buckley, one of our 2015 Unsung Heroes, works as receptionist at a hospital in Redditch. She makes a point of remembering all her patients’ names, something she believes “makes them feel a bit more special”.

Another Unsung Hero, Ghislaine Webster, works as an administrative assistant in a paediatric services department. Working with children is a role that obviously requires an extra degree of care, and Ghislaine ensures that patients always have toys to play with while they wait to see a doctor.

Seemingly small gestures like these can go a long way, but there are times when your impact can be even more crucial.

When Susan’s colleagues nominated her for the award, they told us a story that demonstrates the kind of dedication you will need to succeed in these roles.

A patient had called the hospital to cancel an appointment, but sounded unwell over the phone and informed Susan that he thought he was having a heart attack. Susan made sure an ambulance was sent to the man’s house in order to receive treatment.

As we said - you won’t have many ‘normal’ days working for the NHS!

Helping doctors

NHS admin staff often have responsibility for the record-keeping side of things, and this leaves medical staff free to spend as much time as possible actually treating patients.

Your accuracy and eye for detail are skills that the NHS values very highly. After all, any mistakes could have potentially serious consequences for a patient.

The day-to-day running of a department relies on admin staff, with a fairly constant stream of appointments to be booked and moved.

Most days will require a high degree of flexibility. By their very nature, healthcare organisations need to react to the situation in front of them, and prompt action may occasionally be necessary to help the medical team provide the best possible care for patients.

For example, Ghislaine regularly steps in to transcribe notes made by speech therapists in her department, taking time out of her day to make their lives easier.

Helping each other

Susan and Ghislaine were far from the only admin staff nominated for our Unsung Hero Awards. The camaraderie you will enjoy as part of your NHS admin role is something that many staff value very highly. No matter what your day throws at you, there will always be a friendly and supportive environment to work in.

You will gain a lot of satisfaction from working as a team. As Susan points out: “Even though there are lots of jobs and everyone does something different, we are all cogs of a big machine and it couldn’t function without everyone being there.”

Looking for NHS admin opportunities?

As we can see, admin staff play a vital role in the NHS. If you’re looking for a job that’s enjoyable, fulfilling and makes a real difference, take a look at our vacancies today, or register now for regular admin job updates.

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