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Which job board should I use?

The question asked in the title of this article is one that both Recruiters and Jobseekers ask on a regular basis. Let’s be honest, there is no easy answer to this question especially with so many options available online now. But in an attempt to give you an answer to this question, we need to break it down…

What is a job board?

A ‘Job Board’ is an online platform that Recruiters can use to advertise their vacant job positions or search for active jobseekers who have registered. Jobseekers can register a profile on a job board, upload a copy of their CV and apply for jobs. There are lots of different types of job board:

  • Job Aggregators (E.G. Indeed, AdZuna, etc.)
  • Generalist Job Board (E.G. Jobsite, CV Library, etc.)
  • Specialist Job Board (E.G. CW Jobs, GoToJobBoard*, etc.)
  • Direct Employer Career Sites (E.G. RBS, Starbucks, etc.)


But which of these are right for you to use…?

Aggregators are like the Google of job boards, they stream jobs from thousands of websites onto their own and when you click on one of these jobs you are often redirected to the website where that job is being advertised, commonly a job board.  For jobseekers these are great sites for those that aren’t sure about what job they are looking for and want a lot of choice but not always great for jobseekers that want specific jobs in specific locations as the sheer volume of jobs on these websites can often make it difficult to find the right sort of opportunity. For Recruiters it is the same argument, it is great to get your jobs listed on a site like this as they have a significant amount of jobseeker traffic but negatively it is often not very targeted and you will find that you receive a number of irrelevant applications.

Generalist Job Boards are perhaps some of the most well know with names like Jobsite, CV Library, Reed, etc. these are often massive websites that cover jobs in every industry and location. These are the sites you see advertising on TV and hear advertising on the radio all the time. They have a broad range of jobs and their advanced search technology allows Jobseekers to find relevant positions very easily. Companies will often directly advertise jobs with Generalist Job Boards so when you apply for a job on one of these sites your application will go through to the company that is stated as advertising that job. For jobseekers these sites are usually a first port of call as they have a lot of choice and their quality is often higher than that of job aggregators as the companies are directly advertising on these sites. On the flip side there is still a lot of choice and most of the job search advice is generic as it has to accommodate every type of jobseeker. For Recruiters these types of sites are great as they have high volumes of jobseeker traffic and they offer your company a chance to promote your brand out to a wide audience, unfortunately they do not always deliver high quality traffic as they cover every industry and don’t always drive specific jobseekers to your jobs.

Specialist Job Boards are usually set up to serve a particular industry or geographical location. Similar in many ways to Generalist Job Boards except that they focus on something specific. These sites are not as widely known as their Generalist cousins but that is because they are usually only used by people who work in a specific industry or location. Therefore, these types of job boards are only advertised to people who work in the relevant job/ location. These types of job boards are highly effective for jobseekers who work within a specific industry as all their jobs, career advice and support are all geared towards people who work in that industry but they often don’t have as much choice as an aggregator or a generalist. For Recruiters the volume of jobseekers they receive may be lower but the quality of applicants is often much higher.

Direct Employer Career Sites are normally a section of a company website and are also referred to as Career Portals sometimes but don’t let this jargon put you off. They are similar to a Specialist Job Board in the sense that they only advertise jobs for that specific company but there are usually a whole host of job opportunities ranging from entry level roles to Senior Management positions, dependent on the company of course. These types of websites also offer lots of material promoting the specific company and why it is a great place to work. These types of sites are often very beneficial for jobseekers as when you apply for a job here you will go specifically to that employer but these employers often receive VERY high numbers of applications and again it can be difficult for your application to stand out amongst all the others. Unfortunately it is very rare for a Recruiter to be able to advertise on a Direct Employers website.


So what type of job board should you use? As you can see from the above list, they all have pros and cons but as a jobseeker your decision should be down to the stage you are at in your job search. If you want lots of choice then look to the Aggregators and Generalists but once you get an idea about what sort of career you want we would recommend that you find a Specialist or even more specific a Direct Employers site as these are the sites that will support you better and provide you with more relevant information on how to get a job in that industry. The same applies to Recruiters as you should chose to advertise your jobs on a Specialist site that is relevant to your industry but if you work in a high turnover industry or you cover multiple job industries then you would be better off using aggregators or generalists.

Remember, Quality over Quantity is crucial; you don’t want to apply for any and every job. Take your time and research what type of job is right for you and when you find that job put EVERYTHING into making your profile, CV and application perfect for that job. Even for Recruiters I would offer the same advice; I worked as a Recruiter in a past life and I can tell you that it is better to receive fewer high quality applications than it is to get hundreds of irrelevant applications. So make sure when you choose to advertise on a job board that they can deliver relevant jobseekers to your jobs. This is something that we will discuss in my next blog where I will be going into more detail about how to use a job board properly once you have made your decision.

Thanks for reading and if you found this insightful then please share it as it may help another jobseeker/ Recruiter too. Also check out our YouTube Channel as we have recorded a number of videos offering advice to people about how to use job boards effectively…

*At GoToJobBoard we are a specialist job board focussed on the Non-Medical NHS and Healthcare community and we are committed to customer service for both our Recruiters and Jobseekers; we have a Client Services Team who focus on working with our Recruiters to make sure that they get the most of the website and we have a Candidate Support Team who work with our jobseekers making sure that they have the best chance of getting a job after their application.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you please email: and we will get in touch…


‚ÄčWritten by Mark Cherry, Operations Manager at GoToJobBoard 

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