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What salary should I expect when starting a new NHS NMNC job?

There has been a lot of discussion about NHS wages in the news, but with an average income of £24,331, Non-Medical/ Non-Clinical roles are a competitive field that are incredibly rewarding.

When starting out on your career in the Non-Medical/ Non-Clinical area you’ll probably be looking to fill an entry-level NHS role. These positions can cover everything from clinical coding to procuring the stock for your hospital.

The wages for entry level roles do vary but only slightly; fundamentally your aim should be to choose a gateway career into the NMNC area that you are qualified for and have a genuine interest in.

What are the Options?

With more than 1.7 million people employed by the NHS, there is an overwhelming number of sectors that you can choose from to begin your career in NMNC.

If you’re an organised person confident in your linguistic and numerical skills then you may be suited to the clerical and administrative side of the NHS. In a junior secretarial position you can expect around £17,000 from which you can develop into a more managerial role.

The Non-Medical/ Non-Clinical area always needs those competent in IT to carry out a significant part of NHS operations. For any technical role such as a clinical coding position, the wage is normally a comfortable £16-18,000 at entry level.

For those with a keen interest in marketing or working within Human Resources, there are a number of areas dedicated to PR that are always keen for new talent. Starting salaries in this sector range from £18,000 and provide a great foundation to your progression through the NMNC industry.

The NHS offers people with strong mathematical skills numerous opportunities for movement in its extensive finance sector. These roles often necessitate formal qualifications but you can expect a starting wage of around £16,000. This is the same sort of wage you will receive for entry level roles in both library services or a junior position in project management.

Working in the NHS doesn’t have to mean long hours inside a hospital, instead the Non-Medical/ Non-Clinical area offers various opportunities for those who want a more active role where they can travel around the country. An estates officer can go into the position at £22,903 while those working in procurement will receive a starting salary of around £16,500.

Alternatively, if food is your passion then you can enter the domestic side of the NHS at £15,000 and create excellent and nutritious food for those recovering from illness.

Non-Medical/ Non-Clinical stands out from its NHS counterparts because it offers such a wide variety of roles for those embarking on their career. From the more practical, external roles to organising entire hospital departments and staff, you will undoubtedly find the career that best suits your needs within the NMNC sector.

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