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What resources are on hand to help you choose your next NHS Non-Medical, Non-Clinical job?

As someone who is looking into Non-Medical roles within the NHS, you may have already taken some time to look at Step Into the NHS - the general careers advice web site covering the entire National Health Service in the UK. While useful for mapping out your potential career, once you are ready to start your NHS job search on a more practical and local level, there are a number of steps that you can take to get the best advice and access the best roles.

Our Goal at GoToJobBoard

We’re familiar with the difficulties of trying to find a Non-Medical/Non-Clinical job in the NHS and have created an online community for people looking for this kind of work. From drivers and admin staff through to finance professionals, GoToJobBoard is a specialist online NHS job board for all Non-Medical professionals. We know how frustrating trying to find a new career can be, so we have created a secure online platform where people can search for jobs and, after registering and uploading their CV, apply with one click.

Having applied, you can then check the status of any application using our Applications section, which is updated in real-time. Our mobile-friendly site allows you to monitor and apply for jobs, as well as keep up with the latest NHS news wherever you are. We have grown into an online community of like-minded NHS professionals so you can network with ease, share content and find the best possible vacancies. Alongside the functions of our site, there are other steps you can take to find roles, as well as the details you should know before applying for them.

Talk to those who know

Speaking to experienced NHS Non-Medical/Non-Clinical staff and recruitment specialists will undoubtedly be valuable. As a candidate, you can gain a great deal of insider knowledge by getting in touch with people who know all about this type of role. They have the experience to not only discuss the positions but to also identify the exact candidate requirements. While talking to informed, knowledgeable people is recommended and could lead to finding a role, the jobs are actively advertised in other places.

View jobs pages for specific NHS facilities and hospital trusts

Job vacancy pages for specific NHS facilities can sometimes be hidden deep within individual websites, but Google and other search engines can be used to search for the exact links, which you should then bookmark for easy access in the future. If the trust in question offers some kind of email alert system based upon certain job terms and locations, this can be a great way of finding out about suitable opportunities.

It can never hurt to get your application in at the earliest possible stage and if you set up an alert for your desired job, you will be alerted as soon as a vacancy goes online. If your chosen NHS trust does not have this type of alert system and you are applying for a website maintenance role, the lack of an alert system could be an interesting interview topic.

Remember to check the old-fashioned press

While medical and clinical roles may appear in more specialised journals, newspapers and magazines, most NHS trusts still use the local press to advertise for Non-Medical and Non-Clinical roles. Local papers often have a dedicated weekly section with vacancies in the area, and NHS facilities will usually be one of the most active employers in any given location.

The demand for the right support staff is constantly increasing in busy NHS facilities, and this is why it’s important to give yourself the best possible chance of entering an NHS career by finding the most appropriate vacancies. If you look in the right places, finding a Non-Medical NHS role that’s perfectly suited to you is simple.

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