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What Employee Benefits do NHS Non-Medical Non-Clinical Jobs have?

The NHS is an incredible system and being part of this organisation is rewarding on a number of levels. Whether you’re a doctor who’s saved someone from a medical emergency or you’re the receptionist that a patient says a genuine thank you to everyday, there really is no better place to work than the NHS.

Over 1.7 million people work in the NHS so you are surrounded by a diverse range of people with different skills, backgrounds and ages. Many people join the NHS and stay in the system for the rest of their career because you’re helping to provide an essential service and contribute to a passionate, knowledgeable team of people.

You may have the impression that the financial benefits of working within the NHS are limited to the medical and clinical sector, however being part of such an established organisation means that Non-Medical Non-Clinical administrators, HR’s, estate managers and coders are equally entitled to these rewards.

The NHS offers some of the most competitive benefits in the UK and ensures that people are given a salary that matches their skillset and abilities. An NHS employee can expect to earn anything from £14,294 in an entry-level position to £98,453 at the top end, senior end.

Although the average working week at an NHS hospital or clinic should be 37.5 hours, for any overtime or shift work you’ll be financially rewarded. Even at assistant level, you’re entitled to 27 days holiday and 8 general public holidays off work. The number of days can increase to 33 once you have completed 10 years of service within the NHS.

All NHS employees are encouraged to further train and develop their existing skills which is why sponsored study leave is included and every year you’ll be reviewed so that your career aspirations can be evaluated and acted upon.

On starting your career within the NHS you’ll be entered into its pension scheme and be entitled to childcare or after school support. We understand that circumstance can change which is why we offer occupation health and an extended break if you need to become a carer.

An NHS career can fit in with your life as there are opportunities for job sharing, term-time only or weekend only shifts that you can choose and we strive to help you achieve a work-life balance.

For an added bonus, the NHS are offering a 20% discount on all Vodafone contracts and the same discount on Nando’s.

When it comes to a rewarding career the everyday life of an NHS worker is fulfilling enough as you’re contributing to an organisation that is saving lives. The emotionally rewarding nature of an NHS career combined with its competitive benefits make a Non-Medical Non-Clinical job incredibly enticing.

So what are you waiting for? Look through our jobs and become part of a life-changing organisation.

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