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Top Resources for Medical Secretaries

When it comes to the running of a hospital, general practice, or health centre, it’s the hard work of the medical secretary that keeps things in order.

We’ve put together a collection of valuable resources every medical secretary should know about. Whether you’re just considering the role or an experienced medical secretary still wanting to improve, our guide has got you covered.

Between books, apps or websites, here are some of our best recommendations for resources that will help you be the best medical secretary you can be.

Medical Receptionists and Secretaries’ Handbook by Mari Robbins

Perhaps the holy bible to medical secretaries all around the world, this book is specifically designed to educate and inform those in the sector.

Now in its fourth edition, the book focuses on the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes required for a medical receptionist or secretary role. It’s full of the information needed for all staff to work efficiently and effectively both within the NHS and private medical sectors.

Medical Terminology, app available on Android

With the Medical Terminology app, you’ll be able to learn all the words you need to know in a medical secretary role. The app makes it easy for you to learn and understand complex medical terminology at the touch of a button.

No longer will you need to quickly source the medical dictionary to find out that scleroderma is a chronic disease affecting the body by hardening the connective tissue


During work hours, you may not be able to keep your phone on you. In this case, bookmarking some very useful websites will definitely help you through any tricky situations.

The MediLexicon medical dictionary is the world's largest online database of pharmaceutical and medical abbreviations and is powered by Stedman's Medical Dictionary, which has been in publication since 1911. The dictionary contains over 100,000 medical terms, so whatever you’re looking for you’ll be sure to find it.

eMedicine is a great online resource, describing itself as an “open access comprehensive medical textbook”. Basically, if there’s something you’re not sure about, you’ll be likely to find it on here. With over 6,500 clinical articles and a regularly updated medical news section, you'll be wise to keep checking on this site.

Dragon Dictation, app for iPhone / Dragon Anywhere, app for Android

With a medical secretary role, one of your roles will be to provide personal assistant support to fellow staff members and taking notes. A dictation app may be the perfect sidekick you need to help you with this task, as it’ll help you keep a record of what’s been said.

Dragon is the world’s best-selling speech recognition software, so their iPhone or Android apps would be ideal for your phone or tablet. With Dragon Dictation, you can even send yourself notes or reminders – making sure you never forget any important information.


These days, social media is more than a platform to stay in touch with friends and family. There are numerous Facebook pages and groups out there to get connected with.

These communities will not only keep you updated with relevant information and news but also keep you in touch with people in similar roles to you.

Some examples of these groups are the Medical Secretary or the NHS Millions page. Perhaps your place of work or study even has their own dedicated Facebook groups and pages for you to join

What resources do you use?

Do you have any resources that you swear by? We would love to hear from you with any resources that you use every day that help you be the very best medical secretary.

Be sure to get in touch with us on Twitter or contact us and let us know!

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