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Unsung Hero Award

And Finally, The Third Unsung Hero: Billy Fisk

Billy Fisk, the youngest of our Unsung Heroes is a scheduler in the Trauma and Orthopaedics department at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in London’s St. Mary’s Hospital.

Billy was put forward for the Unsung Heroes award by his HR department but had no idea they were taking place, so was worried he was in trouble when he got the call from HR to tell him he’d won.

A happy, hard-working and vibrant person who likes to lift up spirits in the office, Billy was nominated for his caring nature. It is Billy’s responsibility to schedule the dates and times for trauma and orthopaedic surgeries but on one occasion he’d had to cancel the operation of a patient who was already waiting in the admission lounge.

Knowing that she would be upset, he went and told her that the operation would have to be rescheduled and could see she was understandably distressed by the news. Before an operation you have to fast for at least 6 hours and because Billy knew this patient would be hungry, he went down to the café and bought her a drink and a snack out of his own pocket to help comfort her.

Billy’s commitment to providing great patient care has been evident since he first joined the NHS over 3 and a half years ago. Although Billy graduated with a degree in Business Management, he heard about the scheduling position through his mum and decided to apply for it because he was excited for the challenge.

On a typical day lots of calls have to be made and Billy is often either getting in touch with patients or liaising with consultants. As a dedicated scheduler, Billy likes to attend the final meeting before an operation so that he “understands what’s going to happen” once a patient leaves his care.

The highlight of Billy’s scheduling job is getting patients in when they have a confirmed date because it lifts their spirits. He says “it means a lot to people because it is their life at the end of the day.”

To anyone thinking about joining the NHS, Billy says “Go for it! You don’t hear a lot about younger people working the NHS, but it welcomes young talent with fresh ideas.”

Who is your unsung hero?

The hard work of non-medical and non-clinical workers is vital to the day-to-day running of the NHS, but they so rarely get the recognition they deserve. Nominations are now open for the Unsung Hero awards 2016 - why not say thank you to a friend, family member or colleague by putting them forwards for an award?

Billy Fisk

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