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The Benefits of Having a Baby in the NHS

In the run up to Mother’s day, parents around the country will be looking forward to spending much needed time with their family. Luckily, those working in the NHS have access to flexible hours, childcare and plenty of maternity support, so get the opportunity to have Mother’s day as often as they want.

Whether you’re a mother to be or have a number of children all at different ages, the NHS provides flexible solutions to suit whatever childcare need you may have. Indeed, the NHS is well known for offering some of the most competitive maternity and childcare support when compared to other national employers.

An obvious benefit for mothers who are expecting a child when working in the NHS is that well, you’re surrounded by medical professionals. This means that you’re familiar with your surroundings on any NHS appointments and will have access to more medical support through the people you already know at work.

When pregnant, you’ll have access to antenatal care and time off for any medical appointments. All employees have a right to protect your health and safety, but this is particularly evident for anyone working in the NHS.

Once your child is born, you don’t have to worry about rushing back to work straight away. No matter how long you have been employed by the NHS, you’re entitled to a whole year off work to get to know your little one.

These 52 weeks of leave are split between 26 weeks of ordinary leave and 26 weeks of additional leave when some people choose to return to work. As an employee on maternity leave in the medical or Non-Medical Non-Clinical part of the NHS, you’re entitled to 13 weeks full pay in addition to the 6 weeks at 90% of your average weekly earnings. These financial benefits work with the Statutory Maternity Pay, which is a weekly financial support from the Government.

There’s no need to worry about your child when you return to work, as the NHS are dedicated to making sure all parents have access to high quality childcare. As part of improving the Working Lives Standard, 150 nurseries are being funded and built on NHS sites across the country. Unlike traditional nurseries, these facilities are open over weekends, over-night and at bank holidays to suit the shifts that are an inevitable part of an NHS career.

When your child is older, the NHS offer financial aid to subsidise and pre-school, school clubs or extracurricular child-minding activities you may need.

The NHS provide flexible working patterns that are suited to parents to help them find the right work-life balance. This pattern varies, depending on your commitments but can either mean you do full time hours, spread over evenings and weekends or you can do part time hours and chose the shifts that suit you and your family.

Whether you’re in the medical or Non-Medical Non-Clinical sector, there is the opportunity to work from home, work during term times only, share your job with another person who also wants to work part-time and even flexi-time where you build up credits.

The NHS is the only organisation where you can find such a range of flexible working patterns to suit your schedule, which is why mothers across the country are choosing the NHS for their career.

Despite being such a large organisation, the NHS is such a fantastic place to work because it truly understands what an individual needs and allows you to work around your family and achieve the right work-life balance.

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