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Unsung Hero Award

Thank you for attending Unsung Hero Award 2017!


Thank you for joining us in Manchester for the 2017 Unsung Hero Award!

The 2017 Unsung Hero Award was a MASSIVE success! Approximately 100 attendees came to the Place Aparthotel on a Friday afternoon and praised the NHS Unsung Heroes together with our team and our very special guest speakers.

The NHS commentator Roy Lilley, twice voted the UK’s top NHS speaker and one of the most influential people in healthcare, discussed his opinion on why the start of the NHS was the most heroic decision of our politicians.

Enid Dunn, the winner of the 2016 Unsung Hero Award, shared with the audience her story why she has been nominated and what difference winning the award has made to her life.

Congratulations to our winners who has received our special prizes as recognition of their compassion and a hard work and thank you all for participating in the Unsung Hero Award that we carried out. Let’s look at the feedback from our attendees!

Unsung Hero Award Marketing Feedback

We appreciate your positive evaluations as to the quality of the presentations, speakers and overall organisation of the event. We will certainly take all your ideas on board and endeavour to surpass your expectations next year.

We were pleased to see that 80.6% of our participants marked the highest score (10 out of 10) regarding the overall message of the Unsung Hero Award, which on average scored 9.8 out of 10! This means that you absolutely loved our idea of supporting NHS and healthcare non-medical staff and totally back up our desire to bring more recognition to them.

You seem to like the fact that you are receiving appreciation from our non-medical community as you’ve voted 9.3 out of 10 on average answering the question if the event has met your expectations. We hope that in the future this ceremony will become a good chance to meet new people, create new friendships and relationships and be involved in the online social community of nominees and nominators.

There were a lot of positive feelings towards the event’s atmosphere, the marvellous speeches and our friendly staff. Here are some of the things you’ve left for us in the feedback forms:

Thoroughly enjoyable!”, “The speeches brought tears to my eyes.”, “Lovely day and so many deserving people!” and “Fantastic event and hosts; I can tell a lot of thought has gone into it.

You seem to show an absolute desire (marked 10 out of 10) to participate in our next ceremony (68.6% of the participants) and nominate your friends/colleagues next year (73.5% of the participants are absolutely determined to do that), which makes us feel over the moon!

We understand that we need to increase the awareness of our awards and we are aiming to improve our advertisement of the awards. We are planning to get communication team members of the Trusts more involved, meet more NHS members by visiting new Trusts and demonstrate the importance of non-medical staff across the country. If you’d like you are welcome to discuss the best way to help us raise the awareness of the Award and share any suggestions by contacting our team via

Our goal is to foster a cooperative community, uniting non-medical healthcare professionals, health-minded businesses, and the public.  We suggest that you join the discussions for the format of the next events on the public group called Unsung Hero Award on Facebook. Photos and several video clips from the event will soon appear on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Make sure to tag yourselves to show your friends, family, and colleagues.

Once again a big thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you again at our next event, which we promise will be bigger and better!

Written by Tatiana Prichislenko, Marketing Manager at GoToJobBoard. 

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