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Unsung Hero Award

Say Thank You – Return Like for Like

It’s been more than 2 years that the GoToJobBoard team has been working with the NHS and healthcare sector providing the latest jobs to non-medical staff. It’s our goal to raise awareness of the important daily work that these professionals do. At the end, it is almost half of all the specialists who have dedicated themselves to caring about national health.

As many times as we postpone a visit to the doctor, we postpone our desire to say Thank You to all the people who participated in our destiny and the destiny of our relatives. Once we realise that there is a huge need to see our GP, we are trying to fit it into our busy calendar negotiating with our own managers or maybe school teachers for our children; we are rushing to find out what has happened to our health or to our friends and relatives; we are measuring the reception rooms with long strides impatient to get the results.

Meanwhile, all the non-medical staff are just there for us ready to help and eager to provide us the best service they can. They know how important it is for us to get an appointment as soon as another empty window appears in the busy doctor’s schedule; they see how revealing it will be to receive positive news about our health as soon as results arrive; they understand how a hot cup of tea can help us to calm our nerves. There are also many others who do not even meet us sitting behind the doors in endless corridors, but who realise that their work supports the continuous operation of the healthcare system. 

Sometimes we take their work for granted; while their reward is to see us happy knowing that if we do not come back to the doctor – the problem is solved and we can go back to our normal life, where we will forget about the concerns for our health.    

Well, it is time to remember our past stories and shout out loud how proud we are to know these incredible people and how grateful we all are for their commitment to the job. It is time to say THANK YOU!

THANK YOU to NHS Operators who pick up the phone when we dial 111

THANK YOU to NHS Receptionists who organise your visits to the hospital

THANK YOU to NHS Administrators who organises the work of each department within the NHS

THANK YOU to Stores Personnel who provide NHS staff with all the facilities they use in order to deliver the best care

THANK YOU to Project Managers who organise the implementation of new policies, services or sites within the NHS


There are many ways how you could express your gratefulness to any of the non-medical staff: sending a thankful letter, writing your story online or simply expressing your feelings next time you are visiting a hospital. Believe us, it is not that difficult and it is worth those emotions you will feel after sharing your kind words with those who totally deserved to hear them.

We’ve decided to make a first step and visit some NHS trusts and give away Thank You cards and small gifts in order to  tell these numerous workers how much we appreciate the daily work they do. So far we’ve visited Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust and Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust. We will never forget those surprised faces of the people who were totally concentrated on their work and did not expect any recognition at that moment. We will always remember those gentle smiles, slight embarrassment and honest joy we have seen when we held out our hands with THANK YOU cards and small gifts.  You should see these kind eyes, you should feel the gratefulness, you should understand this connection – it is nice to return like for like.

As we have found out, it is quite simple to say “Thank You! You are special…”

Join us and say THANK YOU to non-medical workers you have met or talked to. You can get involved on social media using the hashtag #ThankYou to show your respect to any non-medical profession within the healthcare sector. You can also go beyond that and nominate your friend, family member or colleague for the Unsung Hero Award. Give them a chance to become a winner of the national award for being the NHS Unsung Hero! 

Unsung Hero Awards 2018

Please visit our Unsung Hero Awards website and give your Unsung Heroes the credit they deserve. 

Nominations are being accepted until the 27th of October. Use this Entry Form to submit your nominations or email us on

Find us on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn for the latest news on this year’s Unsung Hero Award and get involved using #UHAwards18.



Written by Tatiana Prichislenko, Marketing Manager at GoToJobBoard


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