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Recruiters: How to Stay Relaxed, Stress-Free and Productive - #2

Here at GoToJobBoard, we understand that working in recruitment isn’t easy and for the faint hearted. In fact, we commend the work that our recruiters do. While you can reap the rewards of your job, it usually comes at a cost of vast amounts of pain and stress. So take two minutes, kick back, relax while we give you some top tips to reduce your stress (and increase your productivity).

1) Learn to be more accepting of things out of your control.

It can be incredibly frustrating when you find out your ideal candidate has been snatched up or when it’s raining. But if you learn not to stress about stuff that you cannot control, it will make you a lot happier. It is easier said than done but no matter how much we complain about the rain, it will not make the sun come out.

2) Eat right and drink well.

This one is an obvious one but a biggie. The gratification of a glass of Pinot or a glass of Coke are pretty much immediate, the lasting effect is very detrimental. We have all had those nights when having a drink (or five) and having a good time and feeling great. It’s the next morning at work where you feel sluggish and stressed due to your hangover.

3) Sleep (zzz)

It’s 11pm. You have to be up for 7am for work. But you’re half way through your Game of Thrones marathon and can’t wait to see who the next one to be killed off is. 11pm soon turns to 2am to 3am and you feel horrendous the next day. Point being? Don’t stay up all night (or get addicted to GoT).

4) Avoid burnout

Learn what your limits are. While we all strive to be as productive as possible and live life to the fullest, sometimes we can’t do it all of the time. While I would love to go to the gym every morning, be as productive as I can be at work and party with my friends all night, I know I couldn’t do it everyday without having a meltdown.

5) Manage your time effectively

It may be easy to do your tasks as they need to be done, it may start to become unmanageable and overwhelming which is when the stress kicks in. Sometimes, especially when you have a lot of tasks to do, it may be worthwhile spending 5/10 minutes planning your day (or week). Put the most important tasks you need to do early in the morning, when you are most alert and the less important tasks towards the end of the day.

6) Use our stress-free CV Search to ensure your roles get quality applicants

So you may have been explicitly detailed on the ad, placed it on GoToJobBoard and few other job boards. But after a few days… nothing. This can be extremely stressful – especially if you have done everything right and need the commission. The stress from this can easily turn you into Bruce Banner’s alter ego.

However, our CV search is probably the least stressful way of ensuring your roles get quality applicants. Our CV Search only costs £99 for 24 hours of unlimited downloads and a vastly increase chances of a juicy commission. For more info, contact Ross at or call 0161 214 7992.

We hope this helps and check back every week for our new Recruiters Blog!

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