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Recruiters: How to Get More Quality Applicants - #1

Blog post: Recruiter #1 Increase your applications!


We all have that vision in our minds of what the perfect candidate is like when we are posting the job advert. They have all the relevant experience, the qualifications and their contract ends in a few days.

While these people do exist and are not a fantasy, it can be extremely frustrating when you only get a partially experienced candidate or someone totally unsuitable applying (Karen Walker from Will & Grace comes to mind). Thankfully, we at GoToJobBoard have some great advice.

1) Put as much detail as you can into every advert

Imagine you want a new laptop and you go on Gumtree to look. When you search, you see an ad which simply says ‘Laptop’. On the ad there is no price, no info on RAM or harddrive etc. Doesn’t sound very appealing does it? The same can be said for a very vague job ad.

2) Use a job board with a dedicated Candidate Management Team

While Reed or Indeed have millions of candidates, there are sometimes simply too many to choose from and not enough time to go through them all. That is why GoToJobBoard are different. While we specialise in NHS non-medical/non-clinical roles, our Candidate Management Team will call the relevant candidates from our substantial database of NHS experienced job-seekers to apply for your role - increasing both the quality and quantity your applications.

3) Give a (hidden postcode) to help our Candidate Management Team

It’s a common sight to see vague locations for certain jobs (and it’s understandable as you could be competing with lots of other recruiters). However, with GoToJobBoard, we have the option to put a hidden postcode into your ad. This means that when our Candidate Management team call the relevant job-seeker, we can give them the “estimated driving time” to your vacancy (we will never give the actual location). This is a big turn on for many candidates and helps out our candidate management teams to help you.

4) Use our CV Search for an instant find!

If you have tried all these fantastic tips and you are still not receiving the right candidates, it’s time to go on the offensive. Our CV Search tool allows you to search for the candidates yourself and can get your perfect candidates within minutes.

For 24 hours of unlimited CV downloads and as many users as you like, it only costs £99 (for a limited time only).

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