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​Recruiters: Are You Using the Right Job Board?

The world of recruitment has many options for the both the candidate and the employers in terms of what kind of platform you wish to use. While having choice can be seen as a luxury, it can also be overwhelming - especially with the rise of the niche job board. Each job board appears to have something that makes it stand out. GoToJobBoard specialises in non-medical/non-clinical roles for the NHS, WorkInStartUps focuses on candidates wishing to work in start-ups and CV Library focuses on their largest number of candidates. So what kind of job board should you use – niche or general?

A niche job board is usually tailored towards one industry or one side of a specific industry. Because they have a much narrower focus, they tend to be a lot smaller compared to their more general counterparts. Because of this, the candidates tend to be more specialised and more actively looking in their job search. A general job board will have the larger amount of candidates, meaning more applications, but also more competition from other recruiters.

The marketing material for CV Library, a general job board focuses on their quantity. They boast having millions of CVs to recruiters and hundreds of thousands of job adverts which draws in millions of candidates. Though it is an impressive feat, it can also be its biggest drawback. Out of those millions of candidates, how can you be sure that the perfect one finds your job advert and applies?

It has long been reported that the most common problem when posting on larger generic job boards is the quantity of the candidates applying. While this is usually not a problem if the role is not too specialised, such as an entry-level position, this could prove to be especially problematic if the role has specific requirements. The time wasted by recruiters sifting through unsuitable application after unsuitable application could be better spent talking to the right candidates. It is this lost time that is costing the recruitment industry.

Although the niche job boards cannot deliver traffic compared to their larger counterparts, the specific targeting offers a trade-off for quality over quantity. Instead of hundreds of CVs to sift through, you may only get tens on a niche site. It may sound unimpressive as a measurable fact but most applicants are relevant. GoToJobBoard’s concentration factor is 64%, meaning that more than half of the candidates registered will have relevant NHS or health sector experience within their CV. This means that if your role requires this experience, more than half of your applications will be relevant.

So how do you choose between a generalist and niche job board? The best way to answer this is to ask another question: what kind of response do I want? If you are recruiting for an entry-level position or want lots of applications to analyse for the best suited, then a generalist job board is for you. If you have a specific role and don’t want to spend time looking through CVs, then a niche job board is suitable. Either way, the niche job boards can help you find the applications that perhaps a general job boards may miss.

Contact Ross at GoToJobBoard on 0161 214 7992 or to find out how we can assist your company with your quality candidate search.

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