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NHS Touchpoints - who do you come across in hospital?

When picturing the staff that take care of us when we’re taken into hospital, who comes to mind? Many of us only think of doctors, nurses and paramedics, and forget to consider the incredible hard work completed by the NHS’s numerous non-medical staff members.

The timeline below looks at the many differing non-medical NHS staff, who's job it is to help patients throughout their time in hospital. Starting with the patients arrival, taking them through their diagnosis and finally assisting them with their recovery; non-medical NHS staff are there every step of the way. 

Although comprehensive, our timeline is still nowhere near exhaustive enough to account for all the people behind the scenes who work hard to make sure our hospitals run smoothly day-to-day. They include HR staff, IT consultants and Account Managers.

Click into our slideshow below to investigate the different touchpoints a typical NHS patient faces on a trip to hospital.

Help Us to Praise Non-Medical Staff

49 per cent of the NHS workforce is made up of non-medical staff, such as ancillary staff, admin and clerical workers – these people play a vital part of keeping day-to-day operations running smoothly. It’s these, often unnoticed, but no-less-important members of the organisation that the Unsung Hero Award is all about.

Without non-medical staff, there would be no National Health Service, so it’s important to recognise and reward their hard work on a national scale. Please visit our Unsung Hero Awards website and give the NHS Unsung Heroes the credit they deserve. 

Use this Entry Form to submit your nominations or email us on

Find us on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn for the latest news on this year’s Unsung Hero Award and get involved using #UHAwards18.

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