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Unsung Hero Award

Meet our Unsung Hero Award 2017 Winners!

We are delighted to present Julie Feist, Mark Thorpe, Ali Jallow, and Andy Tobin as the winners of our 2017 Unsung Hero Award! Congratulations to them, and thanks also to everyone who attended the Unsung Hero Award Ceremony in Manchester on Friday.

The evening was just as special as we hoped it would be and was a fine celebration of all the non-medical/non-clinical NHS employees.

We extend a special thank you to Roy Lilley (@RoyLilley) for his inspiring speech that encapsulated the importance of the NHS and its staff within our communities.

Thanks to past Unsung Hero Award winner Enid Dunn for making an extra special speech that highlighted just how much the recognition meant to her when she won last year’s award.

And thanks also to Leos Strings for their sublime musical performance that perfectly soundtracked the evening, it was wonderful! But without further ado, it's time for you to learn more about our four winners and why they’re so respected by both colleagues and patients alike.

Julie Feist - Medway Community Healthcare, Kent

 photo DSC_0069_zpswmncuczj.jpg

Julie’s story was truly inspirational and an amazing example of the incredible acts non-medical NHS staff perform each day in hospitals across the country.

Not only is Julie considered to be a caring individual who shares food with patients and gives them money to buy the little things they need, she even saved a patient’s life by making sure they received appropriate treatment after they had left hospital.

As a non-medical member of the team, that act of kindness was her going above and beyond in her daily duties and is why our panel selected her as a winner.

Mark Thorpe - Sheffield Health and Social Care

Mark Thorpe - Unsung Hero Awards  photo DSC_0060_zpskldtmis0.jpg

Mark’s story really resonated with us because it demonstrates an incredible commitment to his volunteer NHS work. Incredibly, Mark works full time and takes holidays to help organise events at Sheffield Health and Social Care, the work for which he was nominated for.

He receives no payment or financial reward for his volunteer work and yet he spends his own money on prizes and karaoke equipment that the Trust do not have budget for.

His nomination spread across two pages – the longest we’ve ever received – and was a real testament to the passion and dedication for which he was nominated.

Ali Jallow & Andy Tobin - Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

 photo DSC_0257_zpsakgwwnyi.jpg


This stood out because it was the first time we have ever given a joint award for two nominees.

Ali and Andy demonstrated incredible compassion for a patient who absconded from the A&E department they work in. They followed the patient, who is a professional kickboxer, and prevented him from jumping off a bridge in an attempt to end his own life.

They managed to save him, but not without suffering personal harm to themselves. Thankfully they were able to ensure that the patient received appropriate treatment. This really is an inspirational example of non-medical staff going beyond the call of duty and is why they were selected.

Special Mention: Tania Lewis - Westminster NHS

 photo DSC_0078_zpse0t5vn2c.jpg

Tanya, on the right, traveled to Manchester with her friend Alison 

Tanya deserves a special mention as she was nominated by five different individuals from different departments across the Trust where she works.

We thought there was no better way to explain how amazing Tanya is than by showing you some of the things her colleagues said about her: “We would all be utterly lost without her”, “She is the definition of a team player” and “There is not a day where she does not go above and beyond the call of her duty”.

We can only offer three awards and unfortunately, this meant that Tanya missed out. Thankfully, though, it’s clear to us that Tanya is already well aware of the high regard her colleagues have for her!


Keep your eyes peeled on our Twitter and Facebook pages for photos from the night, including shots from the glitzy red carpet and others from throughout the evening that you can tag yourselves in to show friends, family, and colleagues.

There will be more to come from us over the next weeks and months as we wrap up this year’s Unsung Hero Award and plan for next year, which we promise will be bigger and better than ever!

Again, thank you to all who attended the event and to everybody who nominated a non-medical NHS employee.

Finally, in addition to the fantastic, helpful staff at the Manchester Place Aparthotel, we’d also like to thank theEword for their support in the build-up to the event and on the day too.

Find out more by contacting the GoToJobBoard team 

For any questions about the evening or for press and media inquiries, please use our contact form or call us on 0161 214 7991 and our team will help you out.

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