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Lessons Learned from Horror Films that can be Applied to Your Job Search

We’ve all been there you’ve purchased the tickets to the latest horror flick, trying to prove your bravery (but most likely naivety) to your other half and protect them if needs be. You sit down in your seats, the trailers stop, the lights dim and the ominous music starts. Regret immediately follows.

As the film unfolds with half of your popcorn is on the floor and in your hair, there are many lessons to be learnt from horror films to avoid being massacred – such as never go and investigate a noise alone, don’t get drunk and always listen to the locals.

However, your job search needn't be a horror movie. Many of these lessons can be applicable to your job search - follow our tips to avoid slashing your chances of landing your dream job.


Keep Moving


You’re totally surrounded. The barricades have fallen and the zombies are moving in. Doom is inevitable. A common mistake for those who have not prepared for the zombie apocalypse. This was the problem facing Christopher Eccleston’s character in ‘28 Days Later’ (that and crossing Cillian Murphy). It ended with his and the crew’s gruesome demise, but you could learn a lesson from this.

When you are looking for your next job and you have found a perfect role, it is tempting to spend a lot of time on creating the perfect application. While this will definitely help, it is putting all your eggs in one basket. The best thing to do is to spend an allocated amount of time per application (30 minutes for example) and then move onto the next one. That way, if you are unsuccessful, you have backups.

One other way to keep moving is to try and get many recruiters to actively look on your behalf. You can do this by uploading your CV to GoToJobBoard or other job site. This way, you are moving through your job search and have the best chance of finding that dream role without too much effort.


Forgo the sex, drugs and drink (on Social Media)


‘Friday the 13th‘ has proven to us that if you drink or are promiscuous, the chances of you being murdered shoots up dramatically - remember Barry and Claudette? These two have a ghastly end but your job search needn’t.

While everyone has skeletons in the closet, social media could easily reveal everything you wouldn’t want your potential employer to see. With your telephone number and email address, a lot could be found out about you, including your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram account. It is always good to have a comb through your social media accounts and remove any posts which could be detrimental to your application – such as complaints about current employers, excessive drinking, swearing etc.

Google your phone number(s) and email addresses and see what comes up. It could be shocking.


Never Take Shortcuts


Taking the off-the-beaten path in a horror film is always a no-no. Chances you will get lost, stranded and the murderer will have their butchery nearby. Rarely in films that shortcuts have ever worked out well for the characters, the same can be said about your job search.

Taking the quick route to a new role or career can be tempting, especially if you do not enjoy your current role, but may not work out for you in the long run. It is always best to take the time and ensure that you want/can do the job rather than waste time applying and ending back at square one.


Always Stay With Your Group


A typical horror cliché is the teen party. Everyone is getting drunk and dancing. However, there is always one person who leaves their friends and winds up in a puddle of blood. Tatum Riley from ‘Scream’ went the garage to get some more beer, only to be massacred by the ghost face (or the more funny Scary Movie interpretation).

Sometimes your friends can be your best chances of landing your dream job role. Your friends can be your inside-detectives for roles, especially if it is a larger organisation. It is your friends who can recommend you to your next potential employer, which vastly increase your chances than applying through the common channels.

Your friends can also help you fight back. Ask them to scrutinise everything that the employer will be looking at such as your CV, social media profiles, your attire etc. Two heads are better than one (or none).


Don’t be Ignorant and Take Advice (from your interviewer)

Take Advice From Your Interviewer

In the film 1408, John Cusack’s character, a paranormal novelist, wanted to experience a “evil” hotel room that has massacred scores of people. Despite a lengthy (almost 15 minute) warning from Samuel L Jackson, he ignored the advice and stayed in the room. Guess what happened to him.

When you are in the interview process with your dream employer, it is always a good to find out from previous interviewers what your weaknesses were and to take on board any advice from them. Work on any advice they give you to ensure you survive the interview process.

We hope this helps you in reducing the horror of job searching and have a great Halloween!

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