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Unsung Hero Award

Introducing our Unsung Heroes 2016

We’ve had a wonderful start to the year at GoToJobBoard.

You may remember that a couple of months ago, we asked you to submit your nominations for our Unsung Hero Awards, where we celebrate the non-medical staff in the NHS who have really made a difference to the lives of the patients in their care.

We received 80 nominations from across the country from people highlighting the wonderful work done by friends and colleagues. We were truly amazed by the incredible efforts of so many people, and in the spirit of our Unsung Hero Awards, we were determined not to let that work go unnoticed.

There were so many great stories that choosing our winners proved very difficult. However, we were able to pick out three people who we felt deserved to win. And here they are!

Enid Dunn - Unsung Hero 2016

Enid Dunn - Volunteer, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust

“I’m ecstatic and over the moon to be a winner. It’s so lovely to be noticed and rewarded.”

Enid is a volunteer at the hospital’s Breast Services department, having been treated there herself three years ago.

Like many breast patients, Enid was discharged from hospital with a drain to her wound. She recognised the need for some kind of bag to carry this drain and drew on her dressmaking background to design and make special bags that helped maintain mobility and dignity for patients post-surgery.

Enid funds the bags entirely out of her own pocket and charitable donations, and has given around 20 bags a month to the hospital for the past four years. We were truly inspired by Enid’s story and simply couldn’t ignore her when it came to handing out our awards.



Rehanah Sadiq - Unsung Hero 2016

Rehanah Sadiq - Senior Muslim Chaplain, Birmingham Women’s Hospital

“The award is brilliant, and it’s wonderful to see chaplaincy being promoted within the NHS. Many people are not aware of what chaplains can do and the role we can play in healthcare. Many people think of us as purely a religious service and wouldn’t even think to reach out.”

Rehanah’s colleagues nominated her in recognition of her work supporting patients during their most challenging moments in hospital.

She is involved with numerous patients, both in celebrating good news and providing comfort to those who need it most, and regularly goes above and beyond to ensure the welfare of those in her care. Colleagues praised Rehanah as “inspiring” and someone who puts her “heart and soul” into her work.

Chaplaincy is perhaps one of those areas that gets overlooked within the NHS, so we hope that highlighting Rehanah’s fantastic contribution will make others aware of just how many patients value this essential service.



James Long - Unsung Hero 2016

James Long - Facilities & Patient Experience Manager, St Pancras Hospital

“I think there’s a lot of opportunity for rewarding efforts like this and it was great to be recognised.”

James was nominated for his work improving the day-to-day lives of the patients in the South Wing of St Pancras Hospital in London.

He works with patients whose physical abilities have been impaired due to illness, and colleagues have praised him for introducing many new initiatives to improve their stay in the hospital.

From giving the ward a new coat of paint to organising regular entertainment for patients, James has ensured patients always have something to keep them occupied, which can be so important in keeping people’s spirits up when they are unwell.

It can be easy to forget that patients may only be seen by their doctor for a very short space of time. It’s vital that they are looked after even when they are simply resting in bed, and James is someone who is truly dedicated to making that happen.

Congratulations to all our winners

We really enjoyed going to visit all our winners this month to see first-hand just how highly they are valued by colleagues and patients alike.

In addition to their Unsung Hero trophy, Enid, Rehanah and James also received an iPad Mini in recognition of their efforts. We’re excited to see who we’ll meet when we start our next Unsung Hero search later this year.

Who knows, perhaps reading about what our winning trio have done has inspired you to take the next step in your NHS career? There are plenty of opportunities available, so feel free to browse our job board and see if you can find your next challenge.

While you’re here, why not take a trip back in time and look at last year’s Unsung Heroes?

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