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Infographic: Why all NHS jobs complement each other

The British National Health Service (NHS) isn’t just doctors, nurses and surgeons. Granted, they are the people most responsible for dealing directly with seriously ill patients, and for getting them back to full health as quickly as possible.

But once you look past them – the front-line workers employed by the world’s fifth biggest employer – it becomes clear that more people than that, in hundreds of different roles, are central to the organisation’s success than first meets the eye.

Also, for jobseekers without a medical background, it’s fantastic that there are plenty of NHS career opportunities available, especially if they want a job for life or have ambitions to move into a long-term role with a well-structured pay progression.

We absolutely admire and value the integral work completed by countless numbers of non-medical workers NHS workers. What’s more, for the past three years, the GoToJobBoard team has been running the Unsung Hero Award to help celebrate anyone that works in a non-medical capacity to give them the recognition they deserve.

What’s our infographic about then?

Well, we designed it to get you thinking about the vastness of the NHS. Our infographic outlines why completely different NHS job roles need each other. Expect to see jobs that you might have overlooked, versus jobs that are praised regularly by the press and the general public.

The idea? To uncover just how vital non-medical jobs are to our beloved health service.


GTJB-NHS-Complementing-Jobs-Infographic (1)


Your future could lie in the NHS!

The thing with the NHS is that everyone works together in it for the greater good. Don’t worry if you aren’t medically trained, because there are hundreds of different non-medical NHS jobs available, and each with vacancies waiting to be filled with people who want to make a difference.

Apply for the latest non-medical NHS jobs today.

NHS Touchpoints Infographic

This isn’t the first infographic we’ve created, take a look at our NHS Touchpoints graphic to see exactly who you will come into contact with when you’re admitted to, and during your stay, in hospital.

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