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Working in the NHS may be just what you are looking for (Supporting Blog)

It has been a difficult few years for the UK. The economic crash of 2008 is still hanging over our heads but our economy is starting to right its self; jobs, wages and interest rates (okay, maybe not interest rates just yet) are on the increase and we can see the light through the trees.

The Office for National Statistics has shown that there has been a rise of 820,000 people in work over this time last year (a 167,000 rise on the quarter) bringing the total of people aged 16 to 64 in employment up to 73% (30.6 million). Naturally this means that unemployment levels have fallen and those claiming benefits are at the lowest point since the end of 2008.

Towards the end of 2011 the unemployment figure peaked at 2.7 million people as opposed to a pre-recession figure of 1.6 million. But now, the number of unemployed has fallen to 2.08 million and those claiming benefits has fallen to 1.01 million.

Possibly most exciting of all is that salaries have shown the first year-on-year increase since the market crash. The average salary for the UK now stands at £33,873 which is an increase of 0.9% from this time last year. Additionally the number of job vacancies on the marketplace has increased by more than a quarter to 872,629.

Many of our sectors have seen growth in the last couple of years but the service and digital industries have seen the largest increase in activity. It is the case that companies across all the different sectors are clamouring to find those who have skills in digital technologies and the NHS is no exception.

The NHS is one of the largest employers in Europe and the largest in the UK, employing in excess of 1 million people. There are a multitude of jobs available, not only the usual doctors and nurses that you expect to find in a hospital but also administrative, technical and support roles.

According to GoToJobBoard, a job board specialising in connecting recruiters and candidates for NHS non-clinical and non-medical roles the most frequently sought after roles are project management, finance, IT and administrative roles.

To be able to run an organisation as large as the NHS an army of behind the scenes staff need to be employed to ensure a smooth operation. Without the software developers there would be no digitised systems, without reception staff there would be no point of contact for patients, without drivers there would be no emergency ambulances.

These roles, whilst not frontline medical roles, are just as important and the NHS along with all other companies who have a specialist support division are starting to see just how important they are in their day-to-day running.

This is why companies have started to offer their staff more than just a generous wage. Benefits and incentives have been shown to help with employee acquisition, satisfaction and retention. Helping people to save for the future with company pension schemes are a highly attractive perk for most people along with generous maternity and paternity options.

Now is the time to be looking for jobs – with the economy improving and the jobs market following suit, a choice of roles across a range of industries is a reality. Finding something to suit your talents is possible and whilst there is still some way to go until the country is back to its pre-recession state, the upward trend shows hope.

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