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How to Use a Job Board Efficiently

Everyone has used a job board at some point in their career to search for a new job; they are one of the most common tools used by jobseekers today. But how many people know how to use a job board properly? My guess is not many, I know this from personal experience as I have used them when looking for a job before and I had no idea what I was doing, but I thought that I did. This is the common problem, so many people think they know how to use job boards effectively but don’t get any results from them. We are seeking to solve this issue with this Blog and all I ask is this: if you like this blog and get something out of it then please share it on social media using the buttons at the bottom and top of the page as if it helped you then it may help others…


Now to business, how do you use a job board efficiently?

Most people tend to find a job online through a search engine like Google, no matter what job board it is on and simply enter the minimum amount of information needed to register and create an account, upload a generic CV that they have stored on their computer somewhere and then apply for the job as quickly as possible before moving onto other jobs they like the look of on other sites. This method is not an effective use of the job board as you may have applied for one job but you may be missing out on lots of other job opportunities that you could be perfect for.

Once you have registered, job boards are designed to help jobseekers find more relevant jobs, improve your CV and ultimately give you a better chance to find a job, but you need to understand how they do that to make sure that you are getting the most out of each job board that you are registered on. Here is how you can do that:


Job Title

One of the most common mistakes of jobseekers is that they are either too specific or too vague with the job title that they add onto their profile. You have to understand that the job title that you enter is essential to making you stand out to Recruiters looking for Candidates for their jobs and to ensure that any job alert emails you are sent include relevant jobs. We have had Candidates in the past create profiles with job titles like: “Housewife”, “Unemployed” and “Not applicable”. This might seem pretty straight forward but make sure that you use the job title that you want and not the job title you already have.

The way that job boards work is that they match your job title against any jobs that are advertised on the site. If you have a particularly specific job title then I would recommend that you make it simpler; use the simplest form of your job title or look at other alternative job titles online for the job that you are interested in or maybe even try a couple of different job titles if you are not having much success with just one.



Another common mistake made by jobseekers using job boards is the location that they choose to enter and how far they are willing to travel to work. To start with I would always recommend being specific with location and set a small radius to see what results are returned as these jobs would be the most suitable. However, I know from personal experience that the perfect job is not always round the corner from your home. If your dream job was a couple of miles outside the radius you set wouldn’t you want to know about it? I sure would. In fact I know people who travel what seems like insane distances to work but they love their job and they are very good at it. So if you aren’t finding much inside the radius you initially set when registering, don’t be afraid to expand this. In doing so it will allow you to filter out the results you do receive and these may just include that perfect job.


Complete your Profile

Most people opt to register on job boards with as little information as possible which will let them apply for a job. It might seem a bit odd that I am advising jobseekers to fill out their profile fully but it really can make a difference. The more information you input the better you look to Recruiters. Don’t forget that a lot of Recruitment Agencies search job board databases and the first thing they see (before your CV) is your profile. Whilst the CV may be the priority it really does help the Recruiter to get a better understanding of you as a jobseeker if your profile is completed with lots of good quality information; that is the key here, QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.

I would recommend that instead of registering on every job board that you can find with an incomplete profile, choose a few job boards that focus on what you want to do and take the time to fill out your profile and upload a quality CV. This gives you a better chance of getting a job at the end of the day.


Make sure that your CV is up to date

Your CV really is the cherry on top of the cake; it is what all the Recruiters automatically go to first to check your suitability for the job. Most good Recruiters can look at a CV and within a few seconds know where you are a good fit for the role or not so it is VITAL for you to make an impact on the first page of your CV. GoToJobBoard have partnered with TopCV specifically for this reason and they offer a FREE CV Review to all our jobseekers. So whether this is your first CV or one you have used for years there is no reason why you can’t get it checked over by a professional.Job by Email Alerts

That’s right, those annoying emails that you get from job boards everyday with loads of jobs that are completely irrelevant to what you are looking for. I know that I used to receive these all the time when I was job hunting and I got fed up with them too. But do you know how to use them properly? If not then don’t worry as we have a landing page specifically for you. It shows you how to set up job by email alerts, what they are used for and how to make sure that they are delivering the best results. You can read that here: Jobs by Email Alerts.


GoToJobBoard has gone one step further – Introducing our Candidate Support Team

How many job boards do you know that have a team of people dedicated to helping jobseekers just like you? We set up to enable any jobseekers with queries to get expert assistance and not only that but these guys proactively contact jobseekers just like you about the latest jobs added by our Clients and inform you about opportunities that you would be suitable for. How’s that for Customer Service?  If you have any issues with your application process or struggle to understand how you could make yourself stand out among other jobseekers, contact our Candidate Support Team today via 0161 214 7994 or email


Well that is all for now but keep an eye on our Blog as we will be releasing more blogs just like this one to help jobseekers learn how to use job boards more effectively and get a job at the end…

Written by Mark Cherry, Operations Manager at GoToJobBoard

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