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​How to make yourself more employable for an NHS NMNC Job?

The NHS receives hundreds of applications every week and employs more than 1.7 million people across the UK. Considering this, the prospect of making yourself stand out from all the other applicants to a single position can seem incredibly daunting.

Before you give up hope remember that the NHS welcomes people from every background and that there are things you can do to make yourself more employable.

Applying for a role you’ll need the right qualifications and skills, but these skills alone may leave you fighting to stand out from the crowd. Where you can excel is in gaining extra skills or formal qualifications that are not a mandatory requirement but will improve your performance in a role.

Although a proficiency in Microsoft Office may be expected, you could complete an ICT course to achieve a formal qualification to demonstrate your expertise in this area, which will benefit the NHS because they’ll have to spend less time training you. Moreover, additional skills or qualifications that you have achieved in your own time will impress future employers as it shows your commitment to the field.

Give Something Back to the Community:

Given the care centred nature of the NHS and any Non-Medical Non-Clinical career within the organisation, volunteering can benefit you significantly. Any form of volunteering such as conservation work abroad, building schools or even working at your local charity shop show your personal and caring side. However, volunteering at a soup kitchen, a local shelter or a similarly people-based activity will undoubtedly make you more employable because you have shown your commitment to helping people, again, in your own time.

In order to find a volunteering position you can contact your local charity branches and see if they are looking for support, or go online and see what vacancies there are at… Whatever form of volunteering you choose to take, any activity can make a real difference to someone’s life which is incredibly rewarding.

Try the job out first:

Work experience remains one of the most effective ways to boost your employability. Especially within the NHS where there are over 350 roles to choose from, many in the Non-Medical Non-Clinical sector, work experience can be invaluable.

Whether you’ve worked in a call centre, as a waitress or maintained a job in a completely different sector for a number of years before choosing a career in the NHS, this experience within a work environment is important. Customer service, confidence, communication and logical thinking are all skills that are essential for a career in the NHS and you can use this prior experience to highlight moments when you have demonstrated these qualities at work.

To further impress a future employer, work experience in an NHS department is valued because it shows that you understand the area of work you’re applying for and have been exposed to the complexities within it. Work experience in a similar or matching field to the role you’re applying for will stand you in good stead because you’ll need less training as you’ll already be familiar with the processes in that department.

The NHS offer a number of work experience placements for those over 16 and provide training schemes for people who wish to further their career once in a Non-Medical Non-Clinical role.

If you want a career in the NHS you have to be dedicated, committed and caring. Making yourself more employable is about proving these qualities to employers, ensuring that they know you’ll go above and beyond every day for the people who rely on the NHS.

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