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How to apply for a job quickly?

As a jobseeker in a modern world; where information is readily available via 4G, WIFI, Apps, smartphones and tablets whenever we want/ need it simply with a swipe or tap of a screen it is vital that jobseekers are able to apply for a job just as easily as they can order an Uber.

How long does it take to apply for a job?

In the old days, it could take a couple of days to apply for a job, jobseekers would have to print off loads of copies of their CV and pound the pavement visiting businesses that they wanted to work for and asking for an interview.

With the dawn of the internet and the online job board it made things considerably quicker allowing jobseekers to apply for multiple jobs all from the comfort of their own home. However, even this took a lot of time to fill out all the lengthy application forms and waiting for the dial up connection to load the next page.

As time has progressed on and technology has advanced you would think that the process to apply for a job has become shorter too. Unfortunately, this is not the case with all websites. It massively depends on which sites jobseekers use of course but many sites still have a very lengthy application form which need to be filled out and for some sites it can take a few hours to apply for just one job.

What is a “Quick Apply” feature?

Whilst in previous blogs we have encouraged jobseekers to spend more time with their applications and this is still the advice that we would give, we also accept that this is not the world that we live in. We have also talked about how the CV is probably the most important part of the application.

So in order to accommodate people who want to be able to apply for a job with relative ease in a matter of minutes GoToJobBoard have created the ‘Quick Apply’ feature on our website; this allows the Jobseeker to enter just an email address, password, job title, location and upload a CV before their application can be submitted.

This automatically creates a partial profile on the website which can be filled out at a later stage but this feature takes all the key information required to set up a profile and submit an application to the Recruiter.

How do I use the “Quick Apply” feature?

It couldn’t be easier, simply click ‘Apply Now’ in the top or bottom right hand corner of the job, a box will appear asking the user to ‘Login’, ‘Register’ or ‘Quick Apply’. Select the magenta ‘Quick Apply’ option, fill out those details and upload a CV to submit an application.

All of this can be done from a smartphone or tablet device and takes a matter of minutes to complete. Jobseekers can then fill in the rest of their profile when they have more time.

In a world where every second counts, GoToJobBoard are committed to providing the best quality platform to help more people get into work for the NHS and Healthcare industry.

Happy job hunting…

Written by Mark Cherry, Operations Manager at GoToJobBoard

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