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How can you use social media to help your job hunt?

Are you currently looking for an NHS non-medical job role? As well as applying for suitable vacancies through the roles advertised on our site, did you know that you can utilise social media to help with your job hunt?

Over the past 10 years, social media has grown into a huge enterprise with over 72% of people in the UK having at least one active account. It has been adapted for many different uses including data collection, marketing and job hunting.

From establishing yourself on LinkedIn to using Twitter to network with potential employers, there are many different ways in which you can take the initiative in your job search and use social media to stand out as a great candidate for your chosen role in the NHS.


LinkedIn is a business orientated social media network with over 20 million active users in the UK. It is used for professional networking, recruitment, and discussing industry topics. It can also be a brilliant tool for people looking to establish a career in the NHS.

If you have little experience and few contacts, setting up a LinkedIn profile can be slightly bewildering. Make sure you highlight any skills you have gained through your education, work experience or volunteer work.

Once your profile has been created and you have filled in your relevant details, you can use the site to:

  • Promote the skills and experience you have that will be relevant to the role you want . When you apply for a non medical NHS job through GoToJobBoard, our recruiters may use LinkedIn to find out more about you

  • Make connections with people who could help you land the role you want

  • Visit the profiles of industry figures and see the skills and experience they have gained to excel in their career

  • Join groups that will have posts and discussions offering advice on all non-medical and non-clinical NHS roles, and join in with the discussions

  • Follow companies that post things relevant to your industry. At GoToJobBoard, we regularly post advice and guidance on our LinkedIn account, from tips about job hunting to interesting news stories and thought pieces regarding the NHS

LinkedIn has 471 groups relating to the NHS and its staff members. The biggest group, NHS Professionals Network, is for all professionals working within the NHS and has over 17,000 members. Whether you are a job hunter who is looking to begin their career in the NHS or to advance it, LinkedIn can be a brilliant resource to be used alongside GoToJobBoard.


Twitter is used as a resource by both recruiters and job hunters. There are many ways you can utilise it to help you land your perfect role.

Make sure your Twitter presence is “employer friendly”. This means getting rid of any tweets or retweets that complain about your current job role, reference heavy partying or contain anything controversial. The number of employers checking potential candidates’ social media rose to 52% in 2015, and this is only set to increase.

You can also take further measures, including:

  • Changing your Twitter bio to reflect your skills and what you are looking for

  • Add a CV link to your Twitter bio

  • Regularly tweeting and retweeting about important topics relevant to the NHS, showing your passion and interest for the health sector

  • Searching relevant phrases or hashtags and joining discussions to engage with thought leaders

  • Using Twitter to link back to and promote your more detailed online profiles such as a personal blog or LinkedIn profile

  • Following companies who are relevant to your industry can really help.  At GoToJobBoard, we regularly tweet a selection of our roles on offer and are happy to answer any questions you may have about your job search

Twitter is also great for networking. Much like LinkedIn, you can attempt to contact NHS employers or managers and request advice or guidance. This usually works best once you have already interacted with someone. This can be through retweeting them, joining in conversations about the industry that they have started or replying to their tweets you find particularly interesting with a question or further commentary.


Facebook is a great way to find out more about the area of the NHS you are applying for. You can discover information that could help you with your application or interview, and get a feel for the culture of the place you are applying for.

You also can take content you have posted on LinkedIn and Twitter and repurpose it for Facebook, as you have a higher word count to establish your point.

Facebook has various pages that can help you in your job search, like NHS Professionals , which offers information and updates for people working for the NHS. There are also pages related to the individual trusts, and various groups dedicated to set job roles.

As you can see, social media can be a brilliant resource to help with your job search. You can interact with industry leaders, join in conversations, and research the role you are applying for to make sure both your application and your interview are the best they can be.

With the help of social media and GoToJobBoard, you can land the best NHS non-medical job for you.

Further help on your job hunt

Here at GoToJobBoard we don’t just offer you a list of vacancies. We can help you find tailored and suitable roles to apply for, and walk you through both the application and interview process.

If you’d like to hear more about how we can help you, feel free to get in touch with the team today.


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